Before and After - Re-Edited Old Photos

I had time today to re-edit more old photos. (Motivated by the purchase of a new bad ass computer monitor) These are from a Yosemite trip in June of 2009. I met up with my brother and some of his friends for a weekend of hiking fun. Unfortunately, there were some lightning strike fires that they were letting go as "controlled burns". I understand the need for controlled burns but the smoke in the air made for a challenging weekend of photography. I did end up with a few keeper though. And now I feel they are even better.

All shot with a Canon 1DS MarkIII.


After: (Not a big change but more detail in the clouds)
_E2B0885 (1).jpg


_E2B0913 (1).jpg


After: (This one is quite a bit different)
_E2B1121 (1).jpg


After: (The before version wan't bad, but I like the new more vibrant version better.)
_E2B1059 (1).jpg

And a little selfie from 2009. Alright, I had my brother take the photo with my Canon 5D Mark II after I set up the shot, but I'm still calling it a selfie...

All these new versions are replacing the old versions on my website and are all available for purchasing as fine art prints. Want to buy a print with crypto? I can make it happen! Message me...

Thank you for looking and I hope you are all having a great day!

Scott Thompson


Re-Edits, Post 1
Re-Edits, Post 2
Re-Edits, Post 3
Re-Edits, Post 4
Re-Edits, Post 5


My desktop wallpaper is Yosemite and I think I need your photos as my new wallpaper! My dream is to climb at Yosemite and your photos are making me want to go NOW.

While it may be the one of the most crowded and popular national park heres in the states, I think it’s like that for a reason and the photos you have here explain why. Tunnel View is one of my top landscapes to gaze at. Never get tired of it.

Nice! Yup, Yosemite is pretty cool. But yeah, it was crowded even then. I do tend to prefer it here in Tahoe where you have a little more elbow room. However, the popular spots here can also get super busy at certain times of the year. Cheers!

This one looks like heaven


Fortunately, I was still here on the ground.

Just love that "selfie"! Looks like quite a walk.

Ha, thanks! It was right before I got my first Motorola Droid so no cell phone selfies yet... From what I recall, it wasn't too far of a distance from my brother. But yeah, that composition made it look sketchier then it really was. Cheers!

Definitely looks like a quarter to half mile away! Again nice setup. Will try something similar one day. Of course probably using my drone, not my brother!

fun to have a new computer to play with and edit old pictures!

Indeed! Hardware and software has gotten so much better since then.

Awesome selfie 🙂 Edits are really nice on pulling out the sky colors 👍

Ha, it's always been a favorite.
Thank you, hopefully more "new" ones to come...

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Yosemite is a few hours south of where I normally shoot but yes, I would recommend visiting there at least once if you can. Cheers!