Before and After - Re-Edited Old Photos

More re-edits! Back to Lake Tahoe for some serene snowy scenes from March 2009. Shot in Tahoe City in the afternoon, and at sunset. All three on the Canon 1DS MarkIII. These were also looking a bit dull and flat after I originally edited them long ago. They now have a bit more pop and are more pleasing to look at, my opinion. They should also look better when printed.

I'm not ready for winter yet, but I am at the point in the year where I don't immediately think about all the work involved with the heavy snow and I start looking forward to shooting in it again...


_E2B9274 copy.jpg


_E2B9362 copy.jpg


_E2B9369 copy.jpg

Today is going to be a big day. I'll be heading out soon to photograph a 6,000 square foot home and it's 4 bedroom guest house. Glowing shots at dusk this evening too. Yup, I also shoot real estate, curious to see what I can do for homes? Click here: SSP Real Estate Photography

Thanks for looking and have a great day!

Scott Thompson


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Sadly, I can't view photos at the moment. I would love to see the photos here.

Ah bummer. Plenty more re-edits to come....

Will just catch up once my net is back.

Ah, good luck with that...

Its amazing what the re-edits reveal. The sky almost seems to lift. The brighter look makes it seem not so overcast. One of my favorite memories is my boys skating on an outdoor rink on the north side of Lake Tahoe. We were in town for a hockey tournament in South Lake Tahoe and took a drive around the lake. We saw a outdoor rink on a shallow pond that had been recently groomed. We pulled over and the kids had a blast.

Nice! I think I know what pond you are talking about. My son and I have ice skated on many ponds and lakes here over the years. These days, I prefer ice fishing when out on the frozen lakes.

subtle edits just like i love them. awesome photos.

Thanks @sergiomendes ! And thanks for the reblog. I love it when we get those pastel colored sunsets after a big snow storm.

and snow photos are never easy for the light :D

Also have sent you an email on your website :P check it out.

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