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Sometimes I like to remember the sea or the ocean. Dream about the sound of the waves, the salty fresh air, the changing color of the water and, of course, the magnificent sunsets. The colors in the sky and these clouds, which look especially majestic over the smooth, endless water surface — I really like it.

And of course, against such a background, it is always a pleasure to watch Philippine boats, bangka, with their characteristic silhouette due to the hull structure with two outrigger hulls (or "floats") on the sides, which remind me of wings. This is an ancient technology, and so far, in general, the concept has not changed too much. Although now boats are made from other materials, of different sizes and capacities, and they are equipped not only with sails, but also (mostly) with engines.

Anyway, it's impressive to look at them and think that centuries and millennia ago the silhouettes of Philippine bangka were similar to the current ones. Beautiful "winged" boats in gentle water under a beautiful sky — what could be better? :)

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Such spectacular photos! The silhouettes are marvelous and the sky colors splendid! 💜

Thanks a lot, I'm glad you liked it!
I love such colorful sunsets and I really like these picturesque boats. So I took pictures of them with great pleasure :)

I love these boats. Is it true that they are also called "Banana Boats"?

I also really like these boats, very graceful.

Is it true that they are also called "Banana Boats"?

Not sure about that, but I don't think so. At least I haven't heard of them being called that :) Maybe banana boats are something like that, as far as I could find.

Yes my friend could have made that up on their own lol

I so miss this view!
Your shots are so incredible!
You took them at their best time.
Just look at that splash of colors!
May I know where in the Philippines is this?

Have you been to the Philippines or lived there?
This is Negros Island. The views there are amazing!
Thanks a lot :)

Yes, I'm from the Philippines and actually grew up in Negros Island before moving to Cebu 😊
Never thought this is from Negros! Thanks for showing the great views of the Philippines 🇵🇭

You are always welcome :) Negros is a beautiful island, and all this marine life there (I came to dive) is great!

Oh wow! A diver! That’s so nice! Kinda jealous.. Hope you could also go to Malapascua Island, there are also good diving spots there. It’s in Cebu though.

Thanks for the info about Malapascua Island. I hope I can visit the Philippines again in the future :)

Мммм! 😊Тишина, безмятежность, шум моря. Как классно!👍

Эх, да... Очень люблю море за эти минуты спокойствия. Не только за них, конечно, но в том числе)

Thanks a lot! Glad you liked it :)