Carolina on my mind #WednesdayWalk


Welcome to my #wednesdaywalk hosted by @tattoodjay. To quote James Taylor "in my mind I'm going to Carolina". These photos are from a walk on a recent trip to North Carolina - I wish I was back there today.


The sea shore in North Carolina is stunning.


So many great walks (and great photos 😊)

The Road

We stayed on the Outer Banks. The Outer Banks are a line of barrier islands off the coast of North Carolina. The islands are a popular tourist destination and have 100+ miles of baeches. They are also the home to Roanoke Island the first colony in America and Kitty Hawk where the Wright Brothers took the first powered flight. This is one of the roads we walked.


On this walk, we were on the inland side of the island.


A bridge and the mainland were in view in the distance.


But mostly we were taking in the views of the sky and water. I hope to return there soon for more beautiful walks.


Haven’t been there yet, but it looks like a place worth exploring.
So many islands… and beaches. The sky is breathtaking.
Thanks for sharing @steven-patrick 👋🏻😊 have a great day!

Thanks for checking out my post. Always nice to here from you 🙂

You are welcome 👋🏻😊 yep it has been a while. I haven’t been much around due to our country move.
Planning to post some more updates on what happened. I did today the first one 😎

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Beautiful pics about this place... nnever been there but it seems worth a look... maybe not in summer, a bit crowded, no ?


Yeah its a madhouse in the summer and the kinda place where there is only one road in and one road out. The perfect storm for epic traffic jams.


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Looks very calming :)


Seems a great place for some hikes! Is the weather already good for some beach time? !BEER

North Carolina is far enough south of here to be warm earlier than Vermont. But its nice here this weekend also. 80F today 😎

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