Foggy Sunday morning

Empty marina

Beautiful foggy Sunday morning here in Vermont. The lake is very quiet this time of year.


We walked for almost two hours and only saw one car. Perfect for the silent, quiet mood in the fog.

The point

Its hard to capture what you see on foggy mornings.

Lost in the fog

The landscape is lost in the fog and low light.

Islands in the fog

Reflections add to the vibe along the lake shore.

Fade to gray

The view looking accross the farm fields quickly fades to gray.

Black and white and fog

My favorite small barn looked better in black and white today. Have a great Sunday!


Undoubtedly the haze creates perfect panoramas for photography, as we can see in your pictures.

!discovery 35

Foggy days are always great photo opportunities 🙂

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Thanks 🙏🙏

Great shots! I love foggy photos.

It was a lovely morning 🙂

Post manually reviewed. 😊

Thanks 🙏🙏

Yay! 🤗
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Excellently moody shots!

Thanks it was a moody kind of day. Maybe even gloomy haha

That is definite a foggy day but guess it is still not extreme.

Nope still get around and the plus is that foggy days usually mean its kind of warm in the winter.