#SublimeSunday in Vermont

The Rock

A truly #sublimesunday here in Vermont at Lake Dunmore. The fog was lying on the surface of the lake and also reflecting perfectly. Together with an overcast sky it was very sublime.

Emerging Crocus

Our bulbs are finally emerging too 🙂

Field of flowers

This lovely field of color was in front of the local community church.

Purple crocus

A perfect crocus in a bed along our driveway.

Snow drops

Snow drops are also blooming. The daffodils and tulips are up but not in bloom yet. What a #beautifulsunday 🌻 Have a great one!


the first frame is so dramatic as if from a movie

haha a canoe should glide silently out of the fog, just as it gets close you realize ....

Looks like quite a lot have melted away and the tulips look ready to look nicer.

Yeah I'll take flowers over snow anyday 🙂

Nice pics... Spring is coming. A bit of sunshine will do some good 😀


You're getting more wildflowers over there than me. I just have tiny blue ones and the snow drops then all the usual planted lillies that escaped people's yards into tye forest.

All my bulbs are coming up now and seems trees could start leafing out anyday

All great shots but that first one !LUV.

Yeah I had to crawl over a fence to get on that dock for the first shot 😅

Love that first photo, foggy landscapes rock!

Its was a beautiful morning. The ice was just finishing melting off so there was a lot of fog laying on the lake.