A cup full of nature

A hot morning cup with full of nature. The summer is hot and the lifefull fresh green colors of the trees inspired me to take this picture.

Following some more just for fun pictures I took during vacation in Germany.

Train pictures taken in unseen moments. Paparazzi.

Drinking motives. In Berlin Schultheiss beer was very famous when I was a young guy there. Following the paths of the young in older days.

Sleeping guys in Humboldt's Hain Rosengarden.

A statue there. In general a very relaxing place.

Reaching the sky

Into the spider's web

Berlin's street life.

If you like one of this pictures or you want to know something about this feel free to ask in a comment.


good story in spare time. hive good luck

You have an interesting look and style to your photography. I agree with ervin, this is a great and eclectic collection of photos. Thanks for sharing them here with us.

Thank you Dude. Yes I like to make this out of the box photos and like sharing on Hive.👍

I like 'out of the box' approaches to the art of photography. I think too many people aren't realizing that photography isn't just technology and science...but at the bottom line, it's art.

A great eclectic collection of photos, bravo. Beer is always welcome 😂🍻

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