Back on African Streets

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Walking through the streets of Uganda is an experience unlike any other. The African streets are bustling with life, as vendors sell spicy street food and colorful goods, and people go about their daily lives. The sun beats down, adding to the already vibrant atmosphere. The streets are a photographer's dream, with endless opportunities to capture the spirit of the people and the culture.

Some motorcycle taxi photos, called boda in Uganda, taking people quickly from one place to another.

The people of Uganda are friendly and welcoming, and their faces light up when they see a camera (ironically). They are proud of their country and are eager to show it off to the world. The streets are filled with color and energy, and it is impossible not to be inspired by the sights and sounds of this amazing place.

See you soon for more amazing fresh pictures directly from Uganda. Now I take photos with Huawei P40 pro+. Much more heavier than the old P10. But pictures are colorful once again.


I love Africa and their culture

This is quite amazing to hear about the nation of Uganda.

So I've learnt the bikes are called boda in Uganda.

Africans are truly beautiful people, especially when pictures are taken unawares 🌝

Yeah. It's a photo blog with photos I take. 👍

It's a pleasure to come across it✨

Excellent photography!

Your photography looks great. I also like to walk or rode on the street, because there you get to eat street food at low prices. Your last photo really impressed me. And after seeing this, I realized how important trees are in life. When it is sunny in summer, we stay under a tree and enjoy the cool breeze under its shade. That's why we should preserve trees and plants and try to keep them safe.

Thank you for enjoying the photographies. You are right the shades are very important here at the equator. But the wind while driving motorcycle is cool as well.

Fascinating! I'd love to tour Africa one day. I'm in south Africa so I just need to go up from here! I'd love to go from Cape to Cairo! Angola, Mozambique, Ghana and now Uganda are just a few stops on my list!

Nice! I like Mozambique, too. Good maritime life. Avoid police and cyclones! 👋

I'm going for the prawns 🤣🤣🤣 thanks for the advice about the cops!

Post some photos. Mozambique beautiful. ❤️

I am Ugandan and have seen this late, maybe we could have linked up !

If you're still around and get to see this, get to me on Twitter, I use this same name.

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