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#ugandan #streetphotography - Yes we have shitty weather. By the way I have massive problems with my account. Since I was returning to Uganda 4 month ago there were often "Network request failed" and nothing was possible. Now I try to change from #ecency to #hive. If you can read this I succeeded. Any clue for helping me?
Streetseller on the streets sell all the things you need.


is great to see things about uganda in here! keep doing street photography plz i love that style

Thank you. I am happy people liking the photos. More are on the way. 👍

I can see and read your post! :)

maybe better internet?
or also try instead of and ecency?

Haha. Das erreiche ich erst gar nicht. Vielleicht VPN? Das alles ist in den letzten Monaten alles sehr viel schlimmer geworden. Aber es ist nicht so kalt wie in Deutschland. 👋

hoffentlich kann ich auch irgendwann mal wieder meine xt fahren <3

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