Leaving Africa

My last picture from Uganda. The market I was buying supplies cheaply every day. Now far away.

Leaving Africa - going back to such called civilisation. After 7 years cruising around planet Earth I returned to my homecountry Germany. Not really by choice. As a notorious person principally neglecting state maked rules I got - of course - problems with Visa and so on. Returning to old Europe was a little bit surprising and I really didn't know what to do there. The water from the tap is very hot or very cold. Not in between. I must say the shadows are colder as well. It was summer. But sun doesn't warm the shadows like in Africa. The walls are black or white. Not in between or you don't see it so. Principally. Logical reduction.

It seems women don't like to cook or clean very much. Standing in lines in supermarkets or waiting in restaurants for pre-cooked food is much cooler for them. They don't wash their hands before eating food! This was the strangest thing. But of course they take Corona very serious. So long you can do it by smartphone everything is worthy to do. For them.

Ok, I stop complaining Crocodile Dundee stuff. Germany is very clean and the people have lesser problems. So there is enough space for them to create new problems. The markets are full of supplies. In public transport you have huge space for your legs. I bought some things you don't get in Africa: tarot cards, German Bluetooth keyboard, smartwatch (yes they infected me with controlling attitude), and taraaa a Huawai P40 pro PLUS. In Uganda they double prices for electrical stuff. But finding a P40 was hard as well in Germany. All over they only said to me: not available. Only in East Berlin the sellers were more gentile and said to me where I could buy one. AND because it's not the newest model I got 50% discount. Shopping in East Germany is much more nicer. There is historical stuff and a mental barrier between West and East in this country. Similar like in between East- and Westcoast in the US. But now the P40 PRO PLUS is too heavy for me and at the moment I post photos form my old broken P10 (only black and white possible). But colorful pictures will come in future. The P40 really makes better photos. But at the moment too much to do with traveling and planing. So this is on to do.
Hamburg 2022 - picture dedicated to all my grandmas.

Hamburg 2022 - a look to the trees shows: bubble tea grows in Germany. Bubble tea was funny to drink during hot afternoons.
Hamburg train station 2022 -
The people compained that a 9 € ticket is too cheap for them. Crazy people.

My backpack, my yoga mate on their way through German fields. Photo taken from a train.

Street photography Berlin 2022.


Three pictures from my childhood areas I used to play in nature. Childhood depression and old allergic problems came up again in me.

Further plans on Hive: liking my friends stuff very much, posting with my new P40 color photos. Perhaps some black and white shots I couldn't post now. Bye bye!


So you are in Hamburg! I wanted to visit your city because I was in Hannover and it was about an hour far from Hamburg, but it was January and I was so cold, that I decided to stay in the apartment where I was volunteering.

I’m Argentinian, and I spent my last 10 months traveling, nothing compared to your journey, but enough for me to understand that I want to continue traveling for a couple of years. Anyway, as you did, I had to return to my country, not because I wanted, but because of family issues and money thing. I need a new strategy to be able to afford a longer trip and create income on the way.

I’ve never been to Uganda, but I have friends that have visited that country and they told me that is so so different, that you can’t even imagine how it really is.

I liked your post a lot!

Ah Argentinia. I lived 3 month in Buenos Aires. I knew a lot of photographers there and we trained making pictures together. It was a nice time. South America is very gentle to travel. Yo halblo un poco espanol tambien. En Bolivia el gente hablan mas facil para me. Africa non es facil para viajar. Non mas viajeros con mochila alli. En Uganga yo tengo familia y vuelvo en poco tiempo. Mi hermano vive en Hamburg. Gracias for your comment.😉 Tu tienes invierno tambien? ☃️ no sabemos en Uganda.🌞

Hola!! De nuevo, jaja, que lindo leerte en español 😊 acá es invierno y hace frío!! Jejej pero bueno ya va a pasar! Gracias por esos datos!! Ya se entonces que no viajaré a Africa de mochilera jeje.

Que lindo que conozcas Argentina!! 😊😊

I completely understand. I've been living in Asia for more than 5 years. Once in a while I came back to Belgium and each time it was getting harder. Like you say, they invent problems here that are really no problems at all. Also a lot of European people take a lot of things for granted. People are "grey", the blend in the mass. Must be a shock for you when you came back. Try to keep the positive vibes you gained at your travels!

Thank you. I am going back soon. So it's only a lesson, not a problem for me. I think I will write a coming back article where I describe how the people react telling them I was there where the people drinking water out of the tab. ☺️

I'm looking forward to your next article!

Hopefully I would leave Africa someday to enjoy other countries in Europe

To tell you the truth, European civilization seems increasingly ridiculous. I like your irony!


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