Macro photography ( Leaf Beetle )


on this happy occasion I want to share with all my friends about leaf beetle macrophotography which I captured with a cellphone and I also used a macro lens to clarify the image.

I found this beetle in a garden belonging to my neighbor, and I saw it on the leaves of the eggplant plant, this beetle is a leaf eater, when I took the picture I was very careful because this beetle is easy to fly.

well this beetle is very easy to find, usually we can find it on leaves or long grass, besides that this beetle has several colors such as red, yellow, and orange, in Indonesia there are very many types of beetles that I have not captured.








So, those are some pictures about leaf beetles, I hope all friends like it, and if something goes wrong, you can comment below, and see you in the next post with a different topic, thank you.

Photo TakenSmartphone infinix not 8
LocationNorth Aceh - Indonesia
App Editorpicsart App

Gretings From Me @suhadi


Yellow beetle looks so beautiful. Amazing shot. Lovely photography

Thanks you so much my dear,

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Neat shots, that is a an interesting looking beetle.

thank you for taking the time to stop by my post, this beetle is very wild and I am very careful when taking pictures

What a cool captures of this beetle, nice shots 👍🏻

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Thank you for your support

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The beetle has a very nice color and is very bright.

Thanks you so much my dear,,😊😊