A memoir : End of the Year Photography Lovers Contest.


Times has not been that great. But, its life that makes best out of the situations. This year was something similar, but kind of went through and collected a bag of moments and memories. Here are my moments and photographs from 2021 that would bond a special place in my heart.

The Connection




Sometimes you got to be in the places to bridge the connection with the heart. I had one such privilege to visit ;Swaymbunath, Boudhanath, and Patan Durbar Square. These places were three different destinations that provided me an inner gratification to history, art, and peace. The architectures age ancient and gives a scratch on your heart creating a visuals of time beyond centuries; wars, stories, and life. While you look around, you feel an aura of tranquility. This might sound a bit of philosophical, but these walls on architecture puts you in an eccentric spot.

My First Solo Travel



There are times where you want to go somewhere but you had to go up because there's none to go with you. This kind of sometimes bring emptiness to your inner desire. The fear of uncertainty, risk, and doubt engulfs you from stepping out on your own. However, this year I broke the ressistance and took my first ever solo travel. It was a best time to be yourself with a great exploration. It was me and my choices not bounded by the opinions or boundaries. A great time!!

Saving Lifes



Life sometimes provide an unpleasing incident in life that adds virtue to life. There's always something that goes deep in everyone personal life. A cheers to "we made it this year! "Keeping that personal life aside, one such 'stuck' moment was when I found cute little babies packed in a sack and thrown in a canal. It was the time when I went for the travel, went through and unplanned route, and did the rescue in the middle of pine forest. I took out bottle of water, poured in the hand; little puppies tired and thirsty drank it all gasping in desperateness. It was a stuck moment of happiness and sadness. Glad that they all were saved.

These were the moments that I would embrace and never forget in life. Beyond everything that goes in personal life, these photographs moment would be always close to my life.

Thank you so much for going through the blog. Wishing everyone a happy new year as well.