COASTAL VIBES - The Tsawwassen Terminal

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After our brief stay in Vancity we packed up and left, headed towards the Tsawwassen ferry terminal. We were heading towards the famous Salt Spring Island. It's a small island but it's an amazing place to visit, or better yet, live. In recent years especially, there was a severe renewed interest in the place. Because of, reasons, of course. Our purpose in visiting was to do a Rammed Earth Building course with a company called Terra Firma Builders, the leaders in implementing Sirewall Technology. I am doing a more in depth post or even series of posts on this whole topic in the weeks to come. But suffice to say, this site of the setting sun at the Tsawassen ferry terminal, along with the magical smell of the ocean breeze got me hyped up for our destination.

This is a series of pics, some of them were played with post processing and may not appear to be true color.

Clicking on a pic will load a higher resolution copy

Neon Ocean


Still Ocean Vibes





Shipping Lanes


Multi Swirl Committee

Mayan Mind Bender


Light Pillars


Negative Sunrise looks like a shroud of barbedwire! Excellent shots!

Thanks @castleberry - That one is my fave of them all. It's always so hard to decide whether or not to go B/W or just 'plain old' colour 😉 I love them both!

This looks so amazing and I really love the reflection. Nice work bro ♥️

Appreciate it @twicejoy! It was a beautiful scene... I like that kind of industrial stuff for photos. 🙂

Wowwwww increíbles tomas!me encantó los efectos!!!!👏👏👏

Gracias Muchos @lizzie524 💖

Did you use the "wind" effect in the last photograph? The reflection of the lightbeams on its own already look pretty cool!

It wasn't the wind effect - it was moving the camera on the tripod :) AKA the "in camera wind effect." 😆

intresting way of painting with light , long shutter times :)

Thanks @stresskiller! I enjoyed the scene immensely. I feel like my lightpainting is pretty bland compared to some peoples (like in the lightpainters united community if you haven't seen) as well as elsewhere... but it's a start! And fun to play around with. This was mostly me just lighting up some of the rocks and moving the camera around but really wish to get into some type of calligraphy stuff.

Interesting edits 😎😁 pretty cool.
Some are so serene… others almost trippy hehehe 🤭

Thanks @littlebee! As soon as I saw the setting sun I was like OMG!!! 🤤 Had to play around with the camera on this one for a bit for sure 🙂

You are welcome @synrg 😊 yes, I soooo can imagine. Those moments are treasures hahaha 🤣
Happy Wednesday further!

I love those pictures the ships! Try zooming in and out during a long exposure shot! That is a nice effect to!

Thanks @haastrecht! I will try that for sure. I could have definitely done that here 😅 I know what you are talking about.

Wow. Those photos are amazing, I loved them.

Thanks @ersusoficial, I appreciate you stopping by 👍

Great photos! I like the one with the VOLUMETRIC LIGHTS label. 🙂

I love when that happens, a little bit of fog is magical. Thanks @wittyzell 😎

Stunning shots and such vibrant colors.


Thanks for the comment and for stopping by! Hope you have a wonderful day @hylene74 🙂

These are all nice & neat shots… beautiful 🤩 And the last few shots have a playful effect on them. ❤️