Beautiful fury

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This was taken back in 2019. Kids were asleep and I was watching YouTube videos and having a few beers. My girlfriend was working the night shift at the women's jail in town. She called me and asked if I was watching the storm going on outside. I was completely oblivious! I hadn't heard any thunder. I went outside and it was consistent lightning!

Wanting to shoot the storm I had to think quick. Drive somewhere? No, had some beers and have kids in bed. Shoot from the road? No, the angles suck. Climb on the roof of the house by laying my ladder down as a bridge? YES!

Got on the roof and set up and enjoyed the magnificent display of mother nature's power and fury. Little did I realize my camera mount was damaged! Rigged up the gorilla pod and shot away.

I can't wait for summer! May we get lots of spectacular night storms in Saskatchewan this year!
lightning 2019 no 1.jpg


Nothing better than a Saskatchewan Storm!

Awesome shot

Wow what a shot!