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I decided that there is something I love to do, or let me put it that way, love to build. Actually, this was already there my whole life, but because of financial issues was almost impossible to have such a hobby. Why? Because it was expensive. Still is. When I was a child, I always wanted a lego, but because of the prices, my family couldn't afford it. I had a few pieces of cubes, at least enough to build a small house. That was already a great joy. However, over time I kind of forgot about it and how much joy it brought me.

In childhood, you want a lot of things, and you have to try and get to know so much, but unfortunately, not everything is free and somehow I gave up this passion before I even started.During those years, I was more into music and dancing and read probably all the books in the library. Small things like that brought a lot of happiness, and they didn't cost much.

But then I grew up and started making my own money. It took me quite some time to learn how to work with money, how to divide the money for expenses, household, car, insurance, and money that you can at least put aside for bad times.

I always understood my parents that we don't have to afford the best things, but even now I don't understand how we managed to survive on one salary, because my mother didn't have a job for a very long time. I never had the feeling that we didn't have a lot of money, because they really tried to make everything possible for us.

I've never asked for expensive things, but I've had breakdowns in between because I wanted to have something, but unfortunately they didn't buy it for me. At the time I thought they didn't want to buy it for me, now I understand that we just couldn't afford it. As soon as you start earning your own money, you realize what it means to be independent and what it means when you run out of money and no one can help you.

Thank you, my dear parents, for everything you have made possible for me.

Now let's go a few years into the future. My husband and I have been living in Austria for several years now, because we wanted to give ourselves a better life, without worrying about money. In our profession, we get a pretty good salary, and this is also one of the reasons why we moved. Healthcare workers are more valued here and that means a lot. Despite the fact that the salary is good, we still couldn't afford to live without looking at every penny we spend. It is necessary to live responsibly if we want to have a comfortable life. But, after a few years, the money that we saved made my new hobby possible.

Are you wondering how it started?

I'm at that age when all my friends around me have children, and whenever I come to visit somewhere it's impossible to sit still and talk because the children wants to play and they always find me. Always! One day, when I came to visit a friend, her son grabbed my hand and wanted to play with me. He showed me that his mother had bought him Lego blocks. You should see the smile on my face. Time to play. We started building a house, a car, a ship, everything that was possible. After two hours my husband said we are going home, but I didn't want to. Like a little kid. The whole way home I talked about how much joy it brings me. A few weeks later, we were going to Toys "R" Us to buy some gifts for the kids, and that was a big mistake.

There is one section just for legos. My mind was going crazy, this was like Christmas for me, with legos everywhere. There was no negotiation here, I bought my first legos. But the prices really surprised me, I don't know how parents with an average salary can afford to buy this for their children. And so my husband and I made a deal. One lego set once a month.

I am a very big fan of Star Wars, Marvel, DC, so on,and when I saw the first Star Wars sets, there was no going back.

I spend about 4 to 5 hours on one set and when I'm done I can't leave them alone, so they've become my models.

Let me show you, how my legos pose for photos.

















And finally. This is my next purchase, although it will take a few years to save up money. My husband just laughed when I showed him what I want to buy, but he quickly got serious when I told him I was going to sell the drone to buy this set. 😊


“I'm happy to report that my inner child is still ageless” - James Broughton

With love, @tinabrezpike ❤️


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