Wow, your street photography captures the vibrant spirit of Berlin so beautifully! RAW-Gelände looks like an interesting transformation from a railway repair station into a vibrant creative hub. Great job in capturing the essence of this dynamic place! 📸🌟

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@ranchorelaxo, @appreciator, do you really think those 2 pics are worth the upvotes?

I'm equally confused 😂

hello sis, I just got on liketu, it seems that your story attracted me to see your story, thank you for sharing

Thanks Sis, glad you like it!

Very good photos!!

Thanks, great mood in Berlin!

Hot Hot spot 🤩

Hotter than hot!

A lot of great street photography shows me your amazing camera attitude. Your photography is amazing. I wish you the best.

Thank you!

you are most wellcome sir

Very nice pictures

Thanks, Berlin is a great place!

Nice pic

Thank you!

Good shot my seems like many people like the pictures you take😃

Yes but it took some years before I got an audience on Hive.