Rice Fields at Sunset

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I couldn't find the perfect spot to photograph the sunset phenomenon. The sun continues to move below the horizon, and I continue to hurry toward the spot I desire. However, halfway there, I realize that I will not reach the spot I want. Rather than not getting any photos at all, I park my vehicle in the area of Jalan Elak (avoidance road), surrounded by rice fields, in the Krueng Seunong village, Kuta Makmur sub-district, North Aceh.

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In the direction of the sunset, namely to the west, it does not show a perfect view, while to the north I find an interesting view, the reflection of the orange sunset, and an interesting landscape view to capture. That is a view of the rice fields and settlements of Seuneubok Village, Blang Mangat District, Lhokseumawe, Aceh.

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The rice fields there have just been planted with rice, it has become a custom there that farmers who own rice fields are obliged to plant rice simultaneously, that is a customary settlement agreement. Approximately in the next 3 months, the rice there will turn yellow and can be harvested.

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Look, there is a scarecrow in the paddy fields. It is usually used to scare off grain-eating birds, and farmers set them up even before the rice has fully grown. I think the grain-eating birds are not afraid of scarecrows anymore 🙂, who knows?

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The call to evening prayer resonates from nearby mosques, indicating the time transition from day to night has arrived. Herons fly back home to the northwest, while I return home in the opposite direction, towards the southeast.

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Thank You
Irfan M Nur (@vannour)

Taken with: Sony Alpha 7 III camera + Sony FE 50mm F1.8 lens.


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Wonderful images in which you can appreciate the perfect harmony of nature: the rice fields, the sky, the afternoon. They look like poems made images. Greetings, @vannour

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thank you, have a nice day.

Beautiful photos and landscapes. This ricefields will be much beautiful when rice turns yellow.

Hopefully I'll be lucky to get a picture of it in the next 3 months.