Solace Series: The Lives of Little Things

In the first year of the pandemic, I'd regularly take solo hikes at a wildlife refuge on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, United States.

This place reminded me that in the chaos of the pandemic, there were still pockets of places untouched. I ran into bird watchers, families enjoying picnics by the water, nature enthusiasts, and people like me who were just looking for an escape.

This series: The Lives of Little Things, contains some photos from my many hikes and the unexpected critters I'd see along the way. Hope this brings some peace and enjoyment.

The Scout
This Eastern Blue Bird was perched on a branch looking over the grasses, watching me as I walked along the elevated pathway over the grasses.

The Shroom
Came across this little guy in the early hours of the morning.

mushroom photo.jpg

The Reflection
I'd carry around this crystal sphere with me on hikes to catch some reflections in the globe along the nature trail.

The Family
I came across this family making their way across the bay. I admired the colors of the sunset on the water and the details in their feathers.

The Path
I loved walking on this boardwalk, situated above the marshlands, where I could watch the sunset.

The Sprout
I loved the texture of this moss and the sprouts of growth coming out of them. It felt like a mini fantasy scene.

The Sentry
This little guy was just sitting on a piece of grass and watching me.


I hope you enjoyed these photos and stay tuned for upcoming series!


Welcome to Hive! Incredible shots here - my favorite is "The Path". Absolutely breathtaking shot with the sun rays.

Thank you! Appreciate that. Excited to join the community.

Welcome to Hive! Awesome photography :)

Sent you a little Hivepower delegation so you can post and comment more seeing your resource credits are already at 7%!

Thanks @acidyo - really appreciate that :)

Great shots!... Y love "The Reflection"...

Thanks! So glad you enjoyed them. Appreciate the comment :)

Welcome to hive!!wooa, I love your work.
Greetings from Venezuela 😊

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Welcome to Hive and the Photography Lovers Community. I think you are going to do quite well here... you have some really cool shots. If you get some time check out that LoveSniper comment for some help with your start here on Hive. I also recently made 2 posts about how to get a great start on Hive that might offer some answers and tips. Best wishes to you!

Thanks castleberry. I actually already read your posts and thought it was super helpful. Glad to be a part of the community :)

Oh wow! That's awesome. Glad to be helpful and of service! Keep on keepin' on then bro. Looking forward to seeing more of your photography!

I love how simple your shots are yet so elegant looking.