The morning starts again with the hot sun




The morning starts again with a scorching sun, which is nice here because it quickly warms the room, so I make some coffee and grab some chips ... and I go to the computer to eat my steem frensd out there, to organize the words and to try to tell me what's going on here. If I say more ...

I'm interested in what people see in my photos. That's why I also explain a bit of my drawings, it helps me understand what other people are thinking and seeing. Soon I will post a new photo. Here, I used the Sony NEX-5T 16-50mm camera lens and the realme 5 pro phone app.

I try to bring new pictures here every day, and it's not easy, because the pictures don't always want to come, sometimes I have to be patient and wait.


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Lovely colors in the first one. Nice to get to eat by the water.