afternoon sky

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Hello friends, how are you, I hope you are always healthy and receive grace from Allah SWT
Today I tried to hunt for pictures at sunset in the afternoon


I have to return to nature to get an extraordinary view in the afternoon, but it's a shame that the weather in my area is currently unpredictable and it's already the rainy season and I can't catch the movement of the sun clearly because it's covered by clouds.

I felt disappointed in my heart, but I still tried to take a few sample pictures of the appearance of the setting sun in the afternoon




The weather began to turn dark and cloudy and the sky roared with thunder, accompanied by rain, until the evening the rain continued to fall and stopped people's activities.


I just relax at my place of business while waiting for the rain to stop and patients can visit my place of business

My income figures decrease during the rainy season because patients cannot come to my place and they prefer to provide first aid with herbal medicine

Rainy seasons like this make us anxious and afraid because our area is often hit by floods which can damage the residents' gardens and rice fields even more so that the people's economy declines and makes them poorer.

That's my participation for today, thank you for stopping by, have a nice day