frangipani flower

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Hello friends, today I will invite you to see some pictures that I captured with my cellphone camera from nature


Nature holds thousands of extraordinary beauties that can give us pleasure in looking at beauty. Perhaps it is appropriate to say that we maintain and preserve natural beauty

Now I am hypnotized by the beauty of flowers that are planted in the yard of the house and used as decorative plants and can beautify the atmosphere of your home. I take them starting from the ones that have not yet bloomed, the ones that have already bloomed and the ones that have already wilted.






As a tropical region with two rainy and dry seasons and an area surrounded by seas, lakes, rivers and swamps, various ornamental plants, medicinal plants and vast forests grow abundantly.

If you have the golden opportunity to travel then it is very suitable to choose Indonesia as your main holiday destination and I will take you around Indonesia to see nature that is still preserved, the beauty of art, culture, abundant sea catches and delicious culinary delights.

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Outstanding photography dear.

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