watch a horror movie at a coffee shop, bro

The habit at the coffee shop is usually for coffee or relaxing with friends who like coffee at the coffee shop. as usual we often see in coffee shops there must be a tv where the tv is a place of attention where when during breaks, or during breaks, most of us in general, to get a place they think is comfortable is a coffee shop, while enjoying songs, favorite songs or memorable songs broadcast via tv broadcasts, there are also some people sometimes want to enjoy comedian dramas, which they think they can release fatigue after work, there are also those who want to enjoy a cup of hot coffee with the famous aroma of Aceh, there are also among the many coffee lovers, there are movie lovers, the latest games while laughing and joking with friends, when in spare time , there are also those who relax while enjoying funny comedians, wonder in the corner there are those who scream while watching check walakacek are surprised to see a hatu, ee....don't know that only horror movies are scary haaaaa.....










hahahah it's so long and fun watching TV horror films at the shop, bro, uma, the friend forgot to go home even though he hadn't had dinner that his beloved wife had prepared at home. enough of me