Nostalgic with this one animal (sea snail)

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Who doesn't know this unique animal? For me this animal is a very unique animal, because this animal has several different shell shapes, today I visited a place where this place is famous for its sea conch gathering place, which we call the snail post, this animal I often find playing on the beach in the afternoon, because in the morning until noon these animals are not very active, the shoreline which is filled with pine trees becomes a place for snails to rest from morning to evening, with the beauty of this place being the reason I visited to see how the snail rests.

Because there are so many jeongs roaming around, it occurred to me to take pictures by arranging these animals to get the results that I want, some of these animals are very difficult to position, only a few are easy to adjust, these animals will come out of their shells in the when exposed to the wind, only a few realized that there were humans outside monitoring them, so they didn't dare to go out and protected themselves quietly in their shells. Seeing this animal reminds me of when I was a child, which I often bought from traders in elementary school with various colors that have been colored, visiting this place is one of my ways to remember my elementary school days.

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CameraPOCO X3 pro
locationNorth aceh. IND

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