¡Wadda atroce and inadmissible load of junk!

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¡What a shame! that a place once overflowing with abundant nutritious products to feed mind, soul and heart. Because of the scavengers that now feed only on carrion, they have now turned this place, otherwise flourishing & booming, into an insufferable garbage dump instead.

Yeah, it starts little by little, as shown in the first picture of this post. But to the extent that more and more brainless pinheads who are content to feed themselves only on the leftovers left by the scavengers. And who merrily end up joining the trash movement. More and more difficult it becomes to find something interesting, inspiring, nutritious and of value to read and consume.

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That clip was tough to watch. All 20 minutes.


I've often wondered where we'll continue doing basic essential things like grow tomatoes when soil's replaced by concrete at an alarming rate so people can keep reproducing 4, 5 and 6 (or more!) kids each.

Between development and garbage, produce is becoming a hot commodity.

No wonder tomatoes are so valuable.

But, you're calling Hive a dump and I happen like this fuckin dump.

I stopped following you a long time ago when you stopped posting entertainment to embrace Hive politics. Too bad, really, one of the oldest accounts on the block and you use your seniority to compare landfills to Hive.

Clean up your own mess first, it's tough to take anyone with dirty hands seriously.

@mondoshawan, you told me you don't do politics, said you've never voted. If that's true, why you keep reblogging this garbage?


Brainless pinhead scavenger

Because i can - because some need to stir the pot, especially when it's filled with wasted brain mush in general... watch RL for more info.

If that's doing politics, hmm... 😎

And, what do you like about Hive? The so often advertised free speech? Or the even more advertised decentralisation? Immutability? That's all just a marketing lie, a bad joke...

My mind is listening to all sides, even the "uncomfortable" view points. Politics is choosing sides. And choosing sides is separation, i'm living for unity, coming together.

I saw your response the first time and went fair enough and left it alone.

You've returned.. With a revised edited loaded with question marks and, unlike USPS when they said they'd follow up on the docs sitch which consequently cost an additional fee to have reprinted and resent, I won't leave you hangin.


That first one's gonna be lengthy. I briefly went over it in my head just now. It's a lot. And then you fired three more. WTF! Would you rather I write a dear @mondohowan article and respond to your inquiries? Would that tickle your fancy?

Hehehe, not always easy to handle a brain in four languages and then put the words out there the way that folks will understand what the feck i want to say... anyways.

To answer your WTF: Why ask me?
------------------------------------> (SNS another question)

Me, that's: I'm not in it for the money and i do what i want, when i want and how i want. And if i got the opportunity to reblog some stuff we all should think about more often... good!

So do whatever your guts are telling you... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Fair enough.