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Good Evening Community

So as usual I spent another week playing more #risingstargame

I have been grinding out the local gig circuit area repeating the Acoustic Tent mission so I can level to Level 55 to then move onto the next mission.


As you can see I am currently level 52 almost 53.

You may notice that I have A fair amount of Starbits I am A little unsure what to do with them I don't think the StarPro thing is quite for me so maybe I will buy packs or even NFT music.

I have been keeping my ego low very rarely it actually goes above 5.

As for the other missions, I haven't really been touching them I have just been repeating the Acoustic Tent mission.

This Concludes my post if you have any advice do get in touch below.

Thanks for reading.



I need to get myself a rehearsal room so I can progress into the county tour section. Pretty much been grinding local mini tour support missions for the past month. Currently saving up 100k starbits so I can buy the 100k pack deal and get 2 packs free.

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I have a fun tune up for sale on there :) I have been buying a lot of the music there. Are there particular cards you need? I am selling various instruments and can do deals.




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