India Festival - Rising Star News, Game Progress, Packs Opening, and Giveaway #60 (WIN NFT!)

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It's Wednesday and it's time for the new festival! After Pakistan, the next stop is India! Don't forget to attend the festival as the entrance ticket is cheap and fun is guaranteed! As a reward, you will receive a wristband that you can use later on to blend a special NFT! You have only 1 week time to collect a wristband from India and after on, you will be able to find it only on the market (if someone sells them)!

In the last video, I was very lucky and I have found 2 EPIC cards! That was an awesome view, but it's not always like that... Epic cards are rare, almost like legendary cards in some other games! Don't ask how hard is to find a legendary card in Rising Star... :)

Don't forget to check the giveaway inside the video... The rules are easy, you check the video, find the question for it, and answer the question in the comment section... The lucky winner will be chosen by a random picker inside the NEXT Rising Star video!

Check out the video for more details!

If you are not playing this game, you can sign up here

Thanks for watching!

Music by: Heyson .:. Royale

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