Unlocked my music lessons + CARD GIVEAWAY

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"Hope you have soldering iron..."

"...as it needs a bit of TLC!"

Hello everyone, this is my level 10 version talking to you. That's right, I can finally take MUSIC LESSONS in the Rising Star crypto game. This means I'll work on those non-stop until I am high level enough to start the best mission from the starting area. I actually don't know if there are more map areas to unlock, since I am still new to the game. If there are, though, that will be a very pleasant surprise! But in that case, I will remain concentrated in music lessons for a few more levels.

In my last post, which also has a giveaway by the way so go check it out if you haven't yet, there was my declaration about becoming a Rising Star millionaire. Out of the 1 million necessary, I already own ~58k STARBITS, so more than 5% of my way there. Of course, I didn't earn all of it ingame. That would mean these tokens are too cheap. On the contrary, I've bought most of them through leodex. I will keep doing that for a while longer, to boost my way to artistic wealth. Eh, I guess materialism isn't so bad after all.

Last, but certainly not least, we have this post's giveaway. A randomly chosen comment will be selected after this post pays out. Today's card is not a microphone, because that is what currently gives me the most skill between the two music lessons I can take, so an i27 Cheap Keyboard V2 is up for grabs. Leave me a comment below to participate.



It's a great time to but Starbits on the market now as its pretty low. Keep stacking for millionaire, makes a huge difference. Good luck and keep rocking. And yes thee are 4 sections of the map to unlock as you achieve the requirements of each missions. Lots of dude missions and who to balance. Making this game lots of fun but sooo addictive. Catch you backstage!!

its pretty low

You think so? I thought it was fairly decent priced!

And yes thee are 4 sections of the map

Luckily, I already have the guitar for one of them. Thanks for the encouragement!

The medium price has been about 0.00025 hive for the past 2 months. So yeah the prices were nice and low the past few days. I see it's creeping up again.

about 0.00025 hive

I think that's good for 1 starbit, yeah.

Estou gostando do game, os comentários da missão são ótimos, me divirto :)

Os das cartas são os "melhores".

keep up Joy !!

lvl 7 here =D

To começando no game agora também, é bom que da pra vc mandar fazer a missão e fazer alguma outra coisa, depois so voltar e fazer mais missões

Conforme passa de nível, fica mais tranquilo ainda. Missões de 1 hora.

You won! Card sent. :)

Thank you very much! I'll check it out there now!

Testing... testing.

Hello? Is this thing on?

check check

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