S5 Mozart: You have it on buying 12 packs for 100,000 starbits!

Hello everyone, I have been playing the rising star game and it is a very easy and fun game. You do missions that earn you Starbits which you can convert into Hive engine. Today I got two (2) Limited Edition S5 Mozart Cards. It's a card that gets you 100+ fans and 100+ skills. It costs 5 Hives to buy a card and it was a moderately cheap deal.


Cards play a very important role in the game Rising Star. For example, You ran out of energy and you can’t do your missions. You can always go to the cards section and buy a coffee for 5000 Starbits. Cards are very expensive but useful.


There are many different types of cards. Some cards have different characters and levels. Some cards have boosts like the coffee that gives you energy. Some cards have vehicles like a chopper or a limousine or a cheap car.

1pppppppp (1).png

Some cards even have instruments like a guitar, a grand piano, a banjo, a french horn, cheap bass, mid acoustic, and a drum kit.

1ppppppppp (1).png

Cards help you level up faster and they also help you to get more fans. If you have a high level then you can probably buy a good character from the cards like Lolita. Lolita has 200 fans! Not drunk fans. These fans are permanent. They will never leave.


As you keep playing and leveling up, you can buy cards in packs. The more you level up, the more cards are available to you and the more cards you buy, the more it helps you level up. So, are you the next Rising Star?



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wow! 2 Mozarts, They look cool.
Did you purchased 24 packs? or purchased from market

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