⭐️ Rising Star Giveaway - 2 day special on Jorja Smith - day 1 - [10000 STARBITS ] (Ends 26th February midnight EST. (UTC - 05:00 hrs)). + game stats and progress...

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Hello and welcome to all the readers.

Last post ended 3 day special on Stormzy. Today, we start a two day special on Jorja Alice Smith, English singer-songwriter.

In this round, you could win 10000 Starbits. You just need to answer the question of the day.
Please read the changed rules before commenting to avoid disqualification. Winner will be drawn on 27th February 2024.

Please note, the end dates of the posts may overlap, this is just to ensure that more hivers can participate.

Question of the day: [winner gets 10000 Starbits]

Jorja Alice Smith (born 11 June 1997) is an English singer-songwriter. Born and raised in Walsall, West Midlands, she has been writing songs since the age of 11. In 2012, Smith's friend uploaded her cover of Labrinth's "Earthquake" to YouTube, which led to her discovery by record producer Guy Moot. After her first two singles received broader recognition, she signed with Sony/ATV in early 2016, releasing two EPs throughout later that year and into 2017.

Lost & Found is the debut studio album released on 8 June 2018 by FAMM, with distribution from The Orchard. Writing and recording for the album took place over five years in London and Los Angeles. The sessions featured contributions from producers such as Jeff Kleinman, Michael Uzowuru, Tom Misch, Maaike Lebbing, among others.

Lost & Found was acclaimed by music critics, who commended its composition, style, lyrical content and Smith's vocal delivery. It was included in several year-end best album lists and was nominated for the Mercury Prize. It debuted at number three on the UK Albums Chart and number one on the UK R&B Chart. Internationally, the album performed moderately, making appearances on charts in the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland. It was supported by the singles: "Blue Lights", "Where Did I Go?", "Teenage Fantasy" and "February 3rd", and has gone on to be certified Gold in the UK and France.

You can read more about on Wikipedia website.

Songs List:

source: Google Search.

[ youtube playlist ]

So my question is?

Name one or more songs sung by Jorja Alice Smith from her debut album 'Lost & Found', that you liked the most and why?

Hint: To qualify, please answer the question in few words. If you have not heard any of the songs or don't like the artist, please comment, 'Not heard any songs' or 'don't like the artist' to qualify for the draw.

Please read the changed rules to avoid penalty.

On Your Own

Blue Lights

Jorja Smith - Where Did I Go?

Interesting videos:

Jorja Smith: The 'Lost & Found' Interview | Apple Music

All Video source: Youtube.com


  1. Comment below your answer with your risingstar name (if different).
  2. Any comments like 'count me in', 'i'm in' etc, without the answer to the question will be disqualified and may get a downvote.
  3. If you have not heard any of the songs or don't like the artist, please comment, 'Not heard any songs' or 'don't like the artist' to qualify for the draw.
  4. ** if there are less than 5 comments with valid answers (includes point no 3), the prize will be equally distributed.
  5. Upvote and re-post not necessary, but it helps.
  6. Share this post with your friends so that they can also participate. [spread the word]
  7. The giveaway will end on 26/02/24 midnight EST. (UTC - 05:00 hrs)

Good Luck to everyone.

My game progress and stats:

Today, i did my millionaire mission and then opened 2 card packs.

Card Pack 1:


i164 Blue Trombone - 10 luck
158 Geez - 10 fans, 10 skill
R458 Elroy - 135 fans, 70 skill, 4 luck (rare)

A decent card pack. 3 duplicate card added to the collection.

Card Pack 2:


i197 PGB 405 - 5 luck
i8 Mid Range Mic - 10 luck
R451 Vintage Oboe - 50 luck (rare)

A decent card pack. 3 duplicate card added to the collection.

New February'2024 Goals:

TaskGoalCurrent StatusBalance
Level1541545411 XP to next level
*Swap / Music Promoter/ hive-engine1000000100000
*Custom shop missions3030done
Ego< 10%0%-
Ranking< 155212

Game Stats:


Skills 134258 - from cards, 291439 from lessons
Fans - 162438 from cards, temporary 0 minus 0 fans at a rave.
Luck - 39434
Cards - 3936

Ego from fans - 162438 (0 temporary drunk fans)
Ego from missions - 106619
Total - 269057

Starbits doing Millionaire missions - 40000

Players Ranking:


Thank you for reading my post.

Have a nice day.


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"Blue Lights" as the lyrics highlight the realities of racial profiling and systemic injustice, offering a powerful commentary on these pressing matters.

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