⭐️ Rising Star - Bought one more new card pack using vibes token. Pack details and updated stats

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Hello and welcome to all the readers.

Today, i purchased a new card pack using vibes.
This is what i got.

R52 Hippy Wagon - 400 fans, 0 skills
I27 Cheap keyboard V2 - 0 fans, 0 skills
6 Goth - 0 fans, 1 skill.

With this pack, I will now have no fan issues for remaining missions on the local circuit. I now have more than 1500 card fans.
Ego has gone upto 20%, after this purchase.


Since my last post, i have been doing big missions which has helped me build up my starbits.
I am currently on level 47 and have 50363 starbits.
[added 4500+ starbits since last post]

next move:

Do more lessons to reduce the EGO to less than 10%.
Continue doing big missions and complete more levels.
Buy one more card pack on weekend.

Updated Stats:

Skill - 439 from cards, 2025 from lessons
Drunks - 1557 from cards, temporary 0

Ego from fans - 1557 (0 temporary drunks)
Ego from missions - 1543 (added 43 since last post)
Total - 3100

last missions:



Moving up the ranks. Below 300 for the first time

Thank you for reading my post.

Have a nice day.


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Nice progress. You are doing well.i love the hippy wagon. I'm loving the prints of the new cards. Colourful and cool. Goodluck and keep rocking!

Thank you for your support and encouragement.
Yes, the new cards are nice

hello dear friend @imfarhad good afternoon
congratulations on your purchase and the progress you have had in the game
I take this opportunity to wish you a splendid afternoon

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