Rising Star ~ It's only been two weeks!?

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The Busker was finding more success than he had ever dared dream of. Ever since the magic of Buskeria allowed him and the talented Dan the Chef to merge into one musical being, his stardom near burst through the ceiling.

Only two weeks ago he first stepped foot in Buskeria as a lowly, talentless guitar player with vocals that matched that of a caterwauling creature. The drunks had enjoyed his sound, and offered him their pizza and coffees to motivate him to continue on, but he could never have believed that after a mere two weeks he would be headlining on a Saturday night!


For three hours the merged Chef and Busker played as they had never played before. The audience cheered and cheered. One woman even threw her underwear onstage! Soon it seemed as though every night were a Saturday and they were headlining every night.

It was exhausting... but it was glorious.

After several nights headlining, it didn't take long before the combined Busker Chef were invited to the local radio station for their very first interview.

radio done.PNG

The station smelt of smoke and wine. They were interviewing at a family time-slot but the host was both drunk and stoned.

It was unlikely anyone listened to his segment, but still -- they were on the radio!

Over coming days as they headlined various shows and busked (legally) in the streets, they would have several interviews with increasingly better hosts, who asked increasingly better questions, and soon whenever they performed more and more people would attend their shows.

It was truly amazing.


On one very early morning after headlining on yet another Saturday night, a woman approached the Busker Chef. The Busker Chef stared at her in awe, for she was the locally renowned Star Child, gifted singer and guitarist.

"Greetings," she purred. "By the power of Buskeria, I wish to merge with you."

And with a flash of light, the Busker Chef transformed into a woman. They were now she and she was now they. Unbeknownst to them, this was actually how Star Child had acquired all of the talent she possessed.

The Busker Chef was no more; there was only Star Child. ⭐️


It's hard to believe that I've only been playing Rising Star for two measly weeks. It feels like longer! Although I suppose an idle game will do that to you. 😅

This week I bought a few more card packs but didn't really get anything worth mentioning. My Starbits are coming in a little quicker now so I'm hoping to buy a couple of packs a week in hopes of acquiring MOAR SKILL. Or more guitars. A lot more guitars/bass/acoustics/etc.

My ego is still rising, but I'm managing to keep it balanced for the time being. 👍😎

These are all of the missions that have been completed so far:


I'll probably have to do up a table soon instead of screenshots! 😅

That's about it for this update. May Star Child carry on the Busker's legacy well!!


Until next time ⭐️🎸⭐️🎸⭐️



All screenshots in this post are courtesy of me, @kaelci and are from the Rising Star Game website.
Musical notes used in header image courtesy of Pixabay.
Musical Liner is thanks to a free-for-commercial-use font called Lassus.


You're doing great for 2 weeks. Twice what I've done in over a month. 😁

Love this "merger" idea, haha. I didn't know how to talk about it so I avoided it in my posts and,

One woman even threw her underwear onstage!

I didn't see THAT coming hahaha, I won't even ask how you got the idea. But I ROFL'ed 😆

I might be cheating a little bit, spending a teeny bit of Hive 👀 not toooooo much though. Hive is my only source of income at the moment, haha. 😬

The merging was the only thing I could really think of as to how to describe the Busker becoming someone else. 😅 I think it's working quite nicely!! The undies though!! No idea!! It just came to me as I was writing 🤣 probably saw it in a movie once. Glad it gave you a good giggle though!! 😁

Great write up. It felt like I was reading a novel :) I started this game a month and a half ago. Enjoying this engagement.

Thanks! 😊 I try to keep these types of game updates a bit more interesting. A month and a half ago! Must feel like an age 😅 it's only been two weeks for me and it feels like my busker has been grinding away for months.

My busker is so tired of playing music all day and night, he decided to rest for a couple of days. The game is a bit addictive for someone like me who stares at computer screens for their work.

I understand! I too am at the computer most of the day... Rising Star has turned into a nice little background game I can check on every couple of hours while doing other things. 🙂

O My God🤩🤩
In 2 weeks? Now that's some. Kick ass busker...awesome😎

👇Kaelci & what's going on here?😂🤣😂

One woman even threw her underwear onstage!

Christ 😂🤣
Awesome writting again Kaelci... You're oure talent. Much love and keep rising🤩🌟🌟🤩🌟

The woman at the concert was really into the music! 🤣 She lost control of herself!

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