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How have you been?
Rising star players.
Today I start with the giveaways of everything my rising star account generates.
The giveaways will be done 3 days a week, the prize will be ALL the starbits I have collected so far.


To encourage new players to get into this musical cryptogame.

Source: Secretaría de Cultura Ciudad de México from México, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons


I have been playing for a few months, I have invested +200 hive, I have bought and sold (although I regret some of them, I was a newbie) nft

borrar 2.png


For the first time, I will give away these 11,014 starbits equally to everyone who comments on this post (Valid for 24 hours).

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¿Cómo has estado?
Rising star players.

Hoy inicio con los obsequios de todo lo que genere mi cuenta de rising star. Los regalos los haré 3 días por semana, el premio será TODOS los starbits que haya juntado hasta eso momento.


Impulsar a los nuevos jugadores a adentrarse en este criptojuego musical

Source: Secretaría de Cultura Ciudad de México from México, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons


He estado jugado unos cuantos meses, he invertido +200 hive, he comprado y vendido (aunque me arrepiento de algunas, era novato) nft

borrar 2.png


Por ser la primera vez, voy a repartir equitativamente 11,014 starbits entre todas las personas que comenten esta publicación (Valido por 24 horas)

borrar 3.png

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I want to enter the giveaway! @beaverwarrior THANKS!!!!!!


competitor 1

Hola, saludos. Cual es la mecánica.

competitor 3

Wow, you actually got a limited edition Brahms. Did you received it from opening packs or did you buy it?

competitor 4

Hola que tal quiero participar

competitor 5

Hola, excelente post, espero sigas publicando más en Hive. Espero seguir viéndote por aquí!.

competitor 6

hey bro... genial tu progreso... espero verte pronto llegando a millonario en RS

competitor 7

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New here. Admire your action to attract more players! Please count me in.

competitor 8

Count me in please. Thank you!

competitor 9

Vamo a participar! Gracias! @therepar

competitor 10

Hey, me apunto al guateque!! I want in the giveaway!! @ruralio

competitor 11

Esto si es un buen sorteo! 😃.
Buena suerte bro 🍀💪

competitor 12

Awesome brahms! He'll be a good fit with my Beeth.

competitor 13

Thank you for giving your Starbits to everyone who participate. @zenitsu12

competitor 14

Hola que tal quiero participar

competitor 15

please add my name in the draw, thanks
username - imfarhad

competitor 16

competitor 16

Count me in ^^ @subidu

competitor 17

Thanks for the opportunity for a chance to win! I'm level 26 slowly making my way to stardom🤩

competitor 18

Genial el motivar a mas personas en el juego.
yo soy nuevo llevo 2 dias y me encanto el juego

competitor 19

count me in please @banzafahra

competitor 20

Hello mate , dont worry everyone begin a starter and newbie. We all will going better in our journey . The important thing is dont stop doing what you love. :).

Here some !PIZZA .

competitor 21

Thanks mate !PIZZA

Yo quiero participar Bv

competitor 22

PIZZA Holders sent $PIZZA tips in this post's comments:
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pablodare tipped kncryptogames3 (x1)
@tommyl33(1/10) tipped @kncryptogames3 (x2)
finris tipped beaverwarrior (x1)
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buenisima iniciativa saludos !PIZZA !LUV






@kncryptogames3, you've been given LUV from @pablodare.

Check the LUV in your H-E wallet. (5/10)

competitor 23

Yo quiero participar, gracias!

Great another giveaway !
Count me in please,

competitor 25

Hola amigo, quiero participar en tu sorteo

competitor 26

Please count me in :)

competitor 27

Awesome. Count me in,

competitor 28

Please include me in the giveaway :) @finris

competitor 29

Gran iniciativa quiero participar @yeckingo1

competitor 30

Add me

competitor 31

Quiero ser parte de la banda, super apoyo a la comunidad :D!

competitor 32

@handtalk5 wants to win

competitor 33

Count on me @tokutaro22

competitor 34

Muchas paciencia con esas transacciones, me uno al sorteo xD @amaillo

competitor 35

Please include me, @magooz

competitor 36

I want to participate. @dubble

competitor 37

Count me in.

competitor 38

Count me in for the giveaway.

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**gracias por la oportunidad amigo, este es un excelente juego con mucho potencial saludos desde venezuela @galaviz **

competitor 40

Thanks for the giveaway! Count me in for it!

IGN @luizeba

competitor 41

yo quiero participar

competitor 42

Thanks for the giveaway!







@kncryptogames3, you've been given LUV from @belhaven14.

Check the LUV in your H-E wallet. (1/3)

competitor 43

This is great. Please count me in

cool ty

Add me @dragon29

want to participate

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