New stuff card Paula - done / update

in Rising Star Game3 months ago (edited)

I will describe my impressions of a new card type: that allows you to skip waiting for the mission.
By participating in new game mechanics for 5 days (for a small amount of 5-10k).
I still to save 25 STARPRO and buy a card of this beauty :)


Well, what can I say for the collection is very nice. At probably good at job :)
My doubts about the reasons for the high cost of use are no longer relevant:



Okay, good luck to everyone and enjoy the game. Until next time.

Previous gameplay tests post: @kobusu/risingstars-game-stats-check-challenge-ece935360d543

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That's very interesting - I have been trying here and there but have not been fully invested in the music promoter. I was mainly doing it to soft save for the cards - but it won't be a prio anymore. Will rather start crafting! Thanks so much for sharing!

:) it is good, update post

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