[ENG / ESP] Rising Star Level 29 🚀🎙Rising Star Nivel 29


Back here with my #Risingstar summary, this week has been very productive, which has led me to increase my card collection.

As a direct consequence I knew that increasing my fans would increase my ego, even so I took the risk and tried to acquire rare level cards that would match the skill based on the fans, I was always looking at the market trying to get the best deals.

The truth is that I was very happy after acquiring the cards because I managed to unlock the second map, with the amount of fixed and temporary fans I managed to do the second mission of the second map "Radio Studio Session", now I can choose the missions to perform between map 1 and 2 depending on the amount of energy available, I try as much as possible to consume it all before using the cold pizza.

I show you the cards acquired among them Rare cards, Common cards and a slice of cold pizza 👇.







Now I go for instrument cards to increase my skill for each singing mission, I have to look at which instrument to choose💪.







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Clicking on your ego will tell you total amount and will help you know how many music lessons to do in order to get it back down to 0. As long as you have more skills then fans you will be ok.

Thank you for your recommendations, this is how we must deal with the ego.

excelentes reconmendaciones, te felicito