How does this work?

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I tried to play this game. I just can't get it to work for me. So I guess it must be the popups. I looked everywhere in the browser settings, I just can't find it.
Until I just did find it. I got the popups allowed for the rising stars site. But still I can't find any coffee cup cards, nor any pizza box cards.

How exactly does this game work? It acts differently than the instructions say. And my pizza is going soggy, and my coffee gets cold. Is it me, is it my Brave browser, or is it the game?

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I tried to play the game with this account by the way. I forgot to change accounts before posting. I know only one account is allowed to play, I will stick to that.

Well, it seems I got popups working. I found a pizza. So I tried to buy a pizza box card. It seemed to be working, the keychain even said it was succesful at sending the request, or something alike. But it didn't buy anything.

Somewhere it says: "Please note that you must withdraw your in-game STARBITS to to be able to purchase cards."
What does that mean? I should withdraw starbits? But it won't withdraw less than 10000 of those. I got 44! So, how should I get this to function as it should?

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