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“This is the most hated, exploited and misunderstood youth movement of our time. Hey! The Story': This is how "The Story of a Thought" begins! by Harry Johnson. One of the most insightful and timely thought analysis! Published that there was never a movement.

Why are you "ugly, exploited and misunderstood"? Finally, as with Sham 69 in 1978-79, the non-fascist groups were followed by young people who sympathized with the National Front and other British neo-fascist organisations. But unlike what happened with Real Punk, it is not considered a far-right movement for that reason. It is at the center of a real disinformation campaign that finally buries it under the infamous label of "music for Nazis."

What a surprise for the golden era of Oy! - From 1980 to 1982, fascist participation in more or less concerts decreased significantly compared to the time of Sham 69. But this is real life and we are talking about different things here.

We wonder why there is so much opposition to this particular punk movement, to this spectacle of skinhead punks and skinhead-punks shouting their plebeian rage, often apolitical, more often provocative and always joyful. "Because," Johnson responded. "Oh!" It's too real for them. They were threatened because they could not change the "Sunday" requests. What is punk in the beginning? Remember the music (...) of the class group. "78": Go straight! -
Harry Johnson's answer is a combination of barriers to social radicalism, returning in a single period, "ventilation", "identification" and the sheep movement!

Exactly the bearer, an absolute antagonist, has fulfilled all values, regulations and regulations. "Oh!" It was resolved by the extreme right at a time when the country was going through a real moral panic. Jimmy Pursey's hope for a "unity of children" became innovation. A real insight into what's going on in the real punk music scene: on the one hand, Oi! On the other hand, groups with a marked right-wing punk skin matrix are movements and audiences made up of young scoundrels (political or left-wing).

-Includes Skrewdriver, Elite, Brutal Attack - Audience of young delinquents (political or right-wing). At this point everything is already defined, although it is still confusing. Confusing for outsiders, defined for insiders.

"Hello you!" Terms published in the typical Cockni! New exercise, royal reef tablets, regions, recent cockey practice, 4 covers, final resorts, final resorts, business and angels.

If we do a process at the level of the "political precision" of the OI movement! The students and jury outside the middle class prevail over the trials of the middle class jury, the armed forces of the revolutionary SWP models. Judgment: Opinion: Think about it! Sexy open winds are constantly invited to violence and ugliness by the "father's children" and cultural justification and discovery. Here and there, and homosexual roots can boast a lot.


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I want to participate again in this great sweepstakes. Good luck to everyone. @technoadventure 👍

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