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We are back at the #PixiePalace with the latest visit to our beloved @risingstargame, which is getting better by the week....

As Halloween approaches, there have been a few additional features that have been added to the game & more players are coming onboard as this hidden gem is being discovered ....

In this video, I announce the winner to the giveaway for your very own Pixie NFT card. Good luck to all who have participated! (Uh uh uh .... you have to watch to see who won! ;) )

Throw in a few pack openings for good measure...and that weird sense of deja vu I kept feeling.... and we have another #PixiePowerGaming video in the books...

So, come along with me for the fun & bring your favorite drink with you!

The amazing developers (big shout out to Jux!) keep kicking it up a notch by adding more features to the game, as well as introducing new ways to earn... in my humble opinion, it keeps getting better & better!

Have an amazing week & keep leveling up! Remember you are the RockStar of Your Dreams. Go after it!

*As always, a big shout-out to Jux & the Rising Star gang for making this game & community better each day. They truly are the shining stars! ;)

An extra shout out to @stickupboys, @thelogicaldude, & @cryptofiloz!


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Thanks for the mention! I would like to go to a Rising Star festival in Spain! Already got 3 wristbands... :)

Happy to see you find yourself inside the video... It was weird... lol...


HA HA yeah it was DEFINITELY...odd...but hey, maybe some of the pixie dust I have been throwing out there on everyone's collection will come back to bless mine as well! LOL 😂

The Spain Festival would be epic....in a perfect world, I would insist that we have a Rising Star meetup in each country in person! :)


Thanks for commenting, bestie! Always love shouting out great people like you!


There has already been too much ENGAGE today.

I want to be entered into any future give aways you do. Keep me in mind for a pixie card.

Absolutely. :) There should be another one in a couple of weeks. I usually require for the RS username to be put in your response & have a question I ask for whatever card I give away...

But as you may recall from the RS show yesterday, well, for anyone who participates.....


😂🤣 Sorry, I couldn't resist! hehehe. Thanks for the support, my friend. Hope you are doing awesome! 💚


I get the give aways mixed up. I'll try to remember each one and their rules. 🤣
Stay awesome @pixiepost.

Shout out back at ya! Must make that gif....!PIZZA

Hey hey ..... great to see you, my friend! And YESSS we need that GIF ;) Let me know if you need anything from me!



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Right back at ya!


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Congratulations to the winner! It was a fun raffle, I wil definitely participate in the next one.

I am so happy you enjoyed it & thanks for participating. It was a lot of fun, for sure. There should be another one in a couple of weeks once I get some other things squared away. I look forward to seeing you there :)







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For those of you who don't understand the description of the "Cheap Trombone" 😂

Ha ha ha! I had no idea until you showed me this...when I was recording my video, I was just like .....


🤣😂🤣😂 Thanks for the education. Maybe it help everyone else as well! LOL

Keep up the awesome work on the game! You have a big fan here...:) Have a great week!







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