Learning How To Read The Hive Blockchain

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We get a lot of questions in support related to people not knowing how to find out what happened to a card they put on the market and related issues.

I think it's really important that everyone tries to learn how to read the Hive blockchain data as that is where the actual transactions can be seen.

It can seem quite intimidating at first but there are a few transaction types that are quite simple to understand once you know what they mean.

Viewing Your Own Transactions

Whilst it doesn't always work we recommend using Hive-Engine.rocks as it stores some additional data that you cannot get with other tools.
You can access it via the "Hive Engine Explorer" link in the Rising Star menu.

Screenshot 2022-03-22 at 13.10.07.png

Listing a Card For Sale

Screenshot 2022-04-06 at 10.08.49.png

The above example shows a Rising Star NFT being placed for sale on the market. The "STAR id" is the NFT number.
This means you have placed a card on the market for sale NOT that it has sold.

Cancelling a Card You Have Listed For Sale

Screenshot 2022-04-06 at 10.12.52.png

Hopefully self explanatory!

Buying a Card

Screenshot 2022-04-06 at 10.13.21.png

When you buy a card you will see an "nftmarket buy" transaction.
The first line is the 5% market fee going to us.
The second line are the proceeds of the sale going to the seller and you receiving the card.
The third line just shows some additional information.


Screenshot 2022-04-06 at 10.13.33.png

A "market sell" transaction appears when you sell some tokens.
The first line shows your sell order going to the market and then someone (in this case zionazrael) buying them from you.
The second line shows the proceeds you have received from the sale.

In the above example the player has sold the tokens immediately at market price hence they have received the proceeds in the same transaction.

If you put tokens up for sale as a "limit order" (meaning you don't want to sell at the market price but want to wait for someone to buy them at a lower price) then you would just see the first part of the transaction like this:

Screenshot 2022-04-06 at 10.21.49.png

Learn To Love The Data!

I hope this makes things a little clearer and whilst we can't promise that you will become "the one" and be able to interpret the matrix it should help you find out what is happening when you use Hive Engine and associated apps.

Rising Star - The Play2Earn NFT virtual music career game built on Hive.


In addition to these tools, there are a few other projects and systems on Hive that can help you "read" the data.

https://nftm.art/buy/star is one. It uses the same login information as your RSG account. If you navigate to 'My Sells' at the top, you'll get a visual representation of what you've listed (but not sold). From this interface, you can also cancel and bulk cancel your sales.

NFTMart also lets you list sales individual and in bulk. ⚠️ Be very careful in setting the right price and currency when selling anything! The selling feature inside of RSG has some additional guardrails to protect you from accidentally putting 27 STARBITS vs 27 SWAP.HIVE... other systems may not. We see this mistake happen all too often. ⚠️

https://rsgfam.com/ is another awesome tool. If you're logged in (same credentials again), there's a menu option under your name for 'Sold Cards' as well as 'Purchased Cards.' This is pretty helpful as it cuts through all the code and data stuff and just tells you the key info.

These third party sites query the Hive Engine blockchain data to present this info. They're not 100% perfect, so the most reliable approach is still to look at the raw chain data as suggested in this post. Even Hive-Engine.rocks is a third-party tool, so the purest way to access the data would be to query it yourself... but now I'm getting out my depth—I'm not ready to tackle that aspect of Matrix yet 😉

Good luck out there!


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Learn To Love The Data! :)

very usefull, thanks! but is there an easy way to get the actual card from nftID?

Thanks! Very helpful info. :)

Just to clarify this is not Hive blockchain data this is Hive-Engine Data.

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Thanks for this article😃

I had figured most of it because it's mostly human readable. Not sure if it's a Hive Dapp thing or all blockchains are like this. But I do like the way it's designed. There's more transparency on what's going on in backend :)

This is an increadibly important article for new users! 😄👍


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