New Seasonal Mission - "Summer Solstice Festival"

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The next seasonal mission is now live!

Celebrate the longest day of the year (although it felt like the longest day of the year when the site was down over the weekend!) and have a 10% chance to find one of the two limited edition cards "S21 Cow Horn" and "S22 Pan Pipes".

You will need to own an "S20 Father Earth" card to be able to run the mission and these are only available in card packs or on the market if other players are selling theirs.


To access the mission click on the "Special Missions" button and select "Summer Solstice Festival".

The mission will be available until 28th June.

Good luck!
The Rising Star Team.

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Nice one will be on it!

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thx, for your support!



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Ha! Glad I didn't open packs this morning. Wish I'd opened fewer yesterday. I want that new mission card! 😂

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Great. Good idea. I hope I can get one of each at least. 😇

Sweet! I'm going to get on it!

Coolio! I'll be on that soon.


Great new seasonal card.....

Great card and I hope to get one of these so I can do missions soon.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta, my... another brilliantly designed mission... Loving it.

Unfortunately, don't have the S20 Father Earth card. What are the chances of getting it in the card packs?

It's about a 1 in 50 chance to get one in a pack.

This is a good ratio. This card is quite expensive in the market. I am going to buy some packs and open them shortly.

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Great idea :) I´m in!

Nice! i want that cards!

thanks I will try to get a "Summer Solstice Festival".

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Until I find one myself, I'm willing to trade a Rozzer OR a Classic Punk for the Father Earth Card. If anyone is interested, just respond here. (I'm not the most consistent discord user, but you can drop me a line there too.)

Cant wait to check this out!

Hola a todos.
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Gracias, y disculpen usar este medio para conseguir respuesta.

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