This Weeks Winners, Only 4 Days To Get The Birthday Cake Card and STARPRO

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Prize Draw Winners

We had 69 high quality Rising Star posts this week so I drew two winners.

Congratulations to @irisworld and @atnep111. Your 3 card packs are now ready to open. Good luck!

To enter next week's draw simply write a good quality post about Rising Star and include the #risingstar tag.

You may enter up to once a day and the prize draw is done live during Radio Evolved every Sunday.

Previous Winners

Week ending 28/3/21 - @atnep111 & @moeenali
Week ending 21/3/21 - @atnep111 & @megarciab
Week ending 14/3/21 - @mindblast.leo & @globetrottergcc
Week ending 28/2/21 - @lealharold & @fdeflash
Week ending 21/2/21 - @mimismartypants & @solymi
Week ending 14/2/21 - @mawit07
Week ending 7/2/21 - @ceheran
Week ending 31/1/21 - @atnep111 & @irisworld
Week ending 24/1/21 - @imfarhad
Week ending 17/1/21 - @jmsansan.hive

Birthday Cake Update

1st Birthday Cake.png

All the 1st Birthday Cake cards for STARBITS have now been sold.
There are four more days left to purchase for 10 HIVE each and then this card will no longer be available from us.


Screenshot 2021-04-05 at 10.24.36.png

As mentioned on Radio Evolved yesterday there is a new Rising Star token on Hive Engine called STARPRO.

This token will be used for a brand new extension to the game which is launching very soon!

More details will be released in due course but this is our biggest update since launching the game and will bring a whole new angle to Rising Star. The current game play will not change so you can continue to enjoy playing exactly as you do now but if you like something a bit more interactive that will also be a great STARBITS sink then this could be right up your alley!

Stay tunes for more and if you want the scoop before anyone else be sure to join us on Sundays for Radio Evolved as that's where I will be spilling the beans first!

No Reward Pool Increase This Week

Every week we use a formula to decide if we are able to increase the pool or not. This week we were not able to increase it.

The pool will grow in a sustainable way and the more players you can bring to the game the bigger the pool will become so spread the word and why not get some friends to sign up and help them create their Hive account!

Cheers and rock on \m/
Jux and the team.


Soooo exciting. I noticed the starpro deposit a few days ago . And this morning the starpro token count on the utility navigation!! Thought this feature is on its way. I gather it's the simultaneous game play you guys were referring to in your last post?

Keen to see where all this leads. What does the roadmap look like?

The roadmap is constantly evolving. We don't like to plan too far ahead.

Yes it will be simultaneous and optional game play.

cannot wait to know what are STARPRO 😎
i win again a pack BLUSH
Thank you!

Congratulations! The odds are pretty good if you are writing a lot of high quality posts.

You are such a tease. A little hype can get people worked up.

What happened with the Hank card? Has it been dropped?



Yes Hank was dropped as the deal we had with another party seemed to fizzle out unfortunately.

And thanks for the LUV!

Command accepted!

Oh my... the plot thickens! I'm always an active #RisingStar player, but I'm also trying to organize my life in a way that allows me to write more and get more involved. I hope I can follow through, but I'll be paying attention either way. Thanks so much for the updates and diligent efforts to make the game constantly better! :)

You're welcome!

Looking forward to the updated version of the game !

This sounds intriguing - was wondering what STARPRO was. Looking forward to finding out about the expansion!

Hey, looks like I missed the $STARPRO teaser yesterday :)

It was a long Sunday mostly away from the computer.

Great, looking forward to more RSG fun.


Already told my brother to create an account. He uses to play the guitar, but is kinda lazy...

Nice podcast yesterday! Great music, you should share the list of played songs post podcast

Good idea about the playlist although I'm not very organised. Maybe one of the regulars could post it and we'll link to it.

Me too but not sure what we could use it for.

hummmm will have a thought about it... if something comes to mind, I will dump that via PM.

It's always nice to hear news about this great game! Looking forward to it!

Good work very exciting

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Hi @risingstargame, you were just shared some LUV. :) Having at least 5 LUV in your wallet enables you to give up to 3 LUV per day, for free. See the LUV tokens in your wallet at or learn about LUV at

Very much siked and mostly curious about this! You guys having thinking all of this through very well and making changes where necessary so I am really curious to see what this game changer will be.

New currency=big steps

We will always strive to make the game better for everyone!

Any interest in cloning it to a different genre? I'd be interested in discussing an idea I have which I think would do very well and be a pretty easy port from RisingStar. Very different, but very much the same.

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Hey @risingstargame, here is a little bit of BEER from @ervin-lemark for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

haaaa lastima que no puedo comprar la carta Birthday Cake me gaste todo los HIVE y no me quedo para comprarla , creo que me quedare sin ella , una lastima pero bueno , y ese de STARPRO se ve bueno , esperemos que salga a ver que ta , saludos

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Nice people nice content, good conversation,🤗😍🤩🤗

Congratulations @irisworld and @atnep111.

Will be waiting for more news about STARPRO.

I think, there is no need to say anymore that RisingStarGame has caught the pace and getting more interesting with each update.

It is also interesting to see the RisingStarGame's user-base growing.

yahoo! Thanks for the cards!

Looking forward for STARPRO announcements !!

Thx guys for a wonderful adventure and game. Looking forward for more to come. God bless!

You're welcome. Glad you are enjoying it!

So mysterious...watching for more clues.

Excited about Starpro!

Hey @risingstargame, here is a little bit of BEER from @globetrottergcc for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

Hi JUX, Thanks for information!

It's great to see even more developments happening. I just wish 10,000 STARBITS = 5 HIVE peg will be restored as fast as possible. We might have to wait for more players and STARBITS sinks for the game.

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