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I have been examining research on music for a few months now, and many studies reveal the incredible benefits of music. As a music lover, it is truly exciting to see that music has many benefits, from health to learning. Additionally, research shows that instilling the love of music in our children is very important for their future.

A study published in the Educational Studies reveals that children who use music to learn mathematics are more motivated and learn arithmetic more easily. In the study, students were given math tests before and after participating, and their scores were compared with students who did not participate.

In the study, three types of musical interventions were included in the meta-analysis, these are;

  • Normal music lessons that include singing and clapping
  • Lessons where children learn to play instruments
  • Lessons where music is integrated with mathematics.

In all three cases, the research finds that students who took music lessons performed better in mathematic. According to the research, 73% of students who took music-mathematics courses performed better than students who did not take music lessons. Additionally, 69% of students learning to play instruments and 58% of students taking normal music lessons made greater progress than students who received no music intervention. Link to the research.

Frankly, this is a really interesting research, it is already known that many children around the world have difficulty learning mathematics, and the research reveals that learning mathematics becomes easier with music.

In fact, I think many people have a prejudiced approach to mathematics because they are afraid of mathematics, which makes learning mathematics difficult. And it is already known that music is motivating and relieves anxiety, so it is not surprising that learning mathematics with music will be more fun and relieve anxiety, which makes learning easier. Therefore, by making our children love music and including it in their lessons, we can make learning more fun and make them more successful. I sent this research link to my teacher friends I know, it would be really great if they included music in their lessons.

Enjoy the music and stay with Love.

Question of the Day : What do you think of the research? If you don't have an answer to this question, You can talk about your favorite song or anything related to music in your comment.

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By integrating music into education, we can make learning more enjoyable, reduce anxiety, and potentially improve academic performance in mathematics.

That's interesting, and certainly something I wish our politicians knew about, especially the minister of education! While music and math belonging together seems obvious, I doubt that's the only benefit. Instead of removing music, art, sports and other "non-academic" subjects, they should make sure all children have access to them.

Count me in today too, please :)

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This research is not at all surprising to me because, as I've known for many years, when multiple areas of the brain are activated simultaneously when we are learning something, it 'sticks' much more effectively. The same holds true for learning languages while engaging emotion, which is why it's been said that if you want to learn a language well, take a lover who speaks that language. 😁 🙏 💚 ✨ 🤙


i think i need to start that for teaching my kids
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music does play a part in our life in one way or another irrespective whether we are aware or not.
I haven't come across a study with maths, but it's good to hear that.

I would have to try it. I'm now learning calculus so will try playing music at the background and see if it might help.

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I never had any problems with math. In fact, I enjoyed it! However, many of my friends had problems and if music helps it's great!

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By entering music in studies, studies become more interesting for children. And they learn things easily.

Truly we need music , at work, at school, in our daily lives. These research proves it.
Congrats @henruc
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music can really help students solving in mathematics

Thanks for the chance!


i think music is integral. It helps your mind think in different ways developing yourself and opening up to a whole new world.