Rising Star - weekly statistics 18.04.2021 + GIVEAWAY!

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Rising Star weekly statistics.

All statistics come from daily ranking and include only active players.

Total Card Holders - 2021-04-18


Top New Card Holders


Name New cards
1 @foxon 2511
2 @paleshelter 506
3 @forykw 444
4 @xbladex 381
5 @andrewmusic 253
6 @tlundy47 216
7 @atnep111 183
8 @shenan 182
9 @vsher 131
10 @jesusaven 123

Top Unique Card holders


Name unique
1 @musicuniversity 234
2 @foxon 221
3 @steevc 206
4 @tlundy47 201
5 @paleshelter 199
6 @nupulse 199
7 @thatcryptodave 197
8 @gribbles 196
9 @cooltivar 191
10 @forykw 189

Top New Unique Cards


Name unique
1 @vsher 34
2 @tiden 30
3 @infinitecl 29
4 @jesusaven 28
5 @supremdsm 27
6 @zarwelius 24
7 @renox24 24
8 @skylinebuds 23
9 @schabba 21
10 @ceheran 21

Top scorer of the week


Name score
1 @foxon 1495
2 @vsher 437
3 @paleshelter 366
4 @andrewmusic 357
5 @forykw 341
6 @tiden 308
7 @supremdsm 294
8 @renox24 284
9 @skylinebuds 278
10 @jesusaven 261

New players

Welcome to the game!
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Active players (4 weeks)


!!! Giveaway !!!

>> Results <<

Reward: R50 Ali

The winner of giveaway is @moonthumb! Congratulations!
Reward has been sent.
Thank you for all participants: @imfarhad, @yeckingo1, @mimismartypants, @carlosro, @handtalk5, @andrewmusic, @jfang003, @tlundy47, @pixiepost

>> New Giveaway <<

The winner will get a rare+ card from the pack I open just before posting next statistics.
To participate just write a comment what is your favorite card of Rising Star. Upvotes are not necessary but appreciated.

Good luck!

Rising Star Game

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The Pizza Box, to collect every single pizza slice :)

my card favorite is Cold Pizza Slice hehehehehhehe

From the cards i have E19 Trike is my best card.
congrats @moonthumb

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I just started playing, so Ali is my favorite, since I have that card.

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Hey @sentipl, here is a little bit of BEER from @risingstargame for you. Enjoy it!

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The Trike because it was my first Epic unbox

And today I will announce the winners of the big giveaway. But I have decided to make a new post because I have an ingenious way of doing the giveaway via the HIVE blockchain entirely. Not using any other external tool. :P

my favorite card is L1 Trenton Lundy 😁

My favorite cards it's absolutely JOHN 🌈

I think the red lambo is my fav card.
I dont have It yet!

Your current Rank (19) in the battle Arena of Holybread has granted you an Upvote of 40%

That's great growth lately. I've been crafting lots of cards lately to stay up in the rankings as others have more cards overall.




@sentipl! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @steevc.

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My favorite card L7 John

I can't decide between the private jet or private yacht. To be honest I would be happy with either lol what's your favourite card?

My favorite card is currently L9 Steevc because he is my only legendary card currently.

Today, my favorite card is Coffee Cup. Nothing gets done until I've had my coffee ans I've burnt my tongue too many times drinking straight from the pot. ☕️

I don't have many cards, so I think my favorite is the microphone - that seemed useful when I was trying to figure out music lessons haha!
Does this really work?

@pregosauce, sorry! You need more $PIZZA to use this command.

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My favorite card is "The busker". Such fond memories. ^^

WOW! Soo cool. Thanks for the R50 Ali card.

My favorite card I own is my S17 Jive Bunny (for the rest of the month, anyway), but my favorite card in the game (that I am aspiring to own one day) is the STARBITS Millionaire card.

Tagging @achim03.

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@sentipl! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @moonthumb.

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My favorite cards it's L12 GribblesJOHN