Rising Star Diary #46 (Giveaway!!!)

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Hello friends and welcome to my forty-sixth day in Rising Star!!


Stats: +162 skill

Giveaway Results: I didn’t win a giveaway today! 😔😔

My routine:

  • 5x Illegal Busking (2225 starbits and 50XP/ 1 4leaf clover and 107 drunk fans)
  • 5x Radio Interview (2169 starbits and 55XP/ 1 coffee and 36 drunk fans)
  • 5x Open Mic Night (2598 starbits and 100XP/ 1 coffee and 1 4leaf clover)
  • 5x Midweek Support Slot (1745 starbits and 255 XP/ 1 pizza, 2 4leaf clovers and 361 drunk fans)
  • 3x Guitar Lesson (162 skill and 360XP/ 1 pizza)

My Giveaway Result:

These are the participants who followed the rules I established: @kuronokenshi, @irisworldcflclosers, @mimismartypants, @dubble, @rafasete, @specialfeelings, @lacandela, @trentonlundy1, @storiesoflove, @supriya.gupta and @skorfew.

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Congratulations @specialfeelings!!

New Giveaway!!

To participate, the rules are as follows:

  1. Upvote this post
  2. Comment anything you want (please leave your name in Rising star if it's different from what you're commenting here)

I will use this site to make the draw: https://pt.piliapp.com/random/wheel/.
It's just these rules if you want to participate in today's giveaway which will be a ..... i3 Cheap Keyboard


This is my level at the time I write this post:

This is the amount of starbits at the time I write this post:

This is my Ego at the time I write this post:

Thank you for reading and GG!!! 😀😀


Yay! 🤗
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Count me in :D

count me in again please :)

Please include me in the giveaway :) @finris

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I would like to participate in the giveaway. @ashesrisen

Pls count me in

Thank you for the contest, new to game username: lacandela