Rising Star Diary #98 (Giveaway!!!)

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Hello friends and welcome to my ninety-eighth day in Rising Star!!


Stats: +1037 skill

Giveaway Results: I didn’t win a giveaway today! 😔😔

My routine:

I decided to focus the next few days on music lessons to lower my ego

  • 1x Local Mini Tour Support (1640 starbits and 134XP)
  • 11x Guitar Lesson (1047 skill and 1320XP/ 2 coffees)
  • 1x Starbits Millionaire (10k starbits)

My Giveaway Result:

These are the participants who followed the rules I established: @tawadak24, @oxidil, @zenitsu12, @irisworld, @josueprime, @belhaven14, @chrislyr, @wanderingmoon, @jesustiano, @dubble, @derppunk, @finris, @subidu, @jeisonamigo, @rachaeldwatson, @alito, @luizeba, @funferall, @valdiva, @cryptopho823, @amaillo, @beaverwarrior, @rafasete, @javiss, @marioo2 and @madnessinsane

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Congratulations @jeisonamigo!!

New Giveaway!!

To participate, the rules are as follows:

  1. Comment anything you want
  2. Leave your name in Rising star if it's different from what you're commenting here

I will use this site to make the draw: https://pt.piliapp.com/random/wheel/.
It's just these rules if you want to participate in today's giveaway which will be a…. 37 Dennis


This is my level at the time I write this post:


This is the amount of starbits at the time I write this post:


This is my Ego at the time I write this post:


Daily Reward:


Thank you for reading and GG!!!! 😀😀


Please include me in the giveaway :) @finris

Eminen was the best white rapper ever :P xD

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Congrats @jeisonamigo! Count me in the next one @rachaeldwatson 🤩

Excellent, congratulations to the winner, I want to participate in this new giveaway. @josueprime

I would like to participate, @valdiva

I'll join for Dennis. If I win send him to @wanderingmoon.

Hm... more giveaways. I'll try my luck on this one.
IGN: chrislyr

Good luck to all ! @amaillo

I am in for the next draw!^^

I'd like to play please! :) @belhaven14

Add me for the next.

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Congrats to the winner!!!
I want to continue participating in the giveaway.@mario02

Please include me!

count me in please @dubble :)

Please include me in the giveaway.

pls count me in ty

ohhh siii graaaciass ñ.ñ <3

Count me in too! ty for the opportunity and have a nice day! @lofone

Trying my luck again @zenitsu12

Count me in ^^ @subidu

Thank you for this giveaway!
Count me in :) @mpoukovo

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Thank you for the contest username: lacandela

Please include me in the next giveaway

Count me in.
Good luck everyone!

Count me in!

IGN @luizeba