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(English) Radio Evolved Sunday funday! 09-05-2021

Hello, again I wanted to share with you my experience with the fun radio "Radio Evolved", which is presented every Sunday. Where you will listen to songs from amazing musicians, participate in contests, share in the Atom Collector Records discord chat and find out all the news about the Rising Star game.

I hope this beginning of the month has been good for everyone. What happened last Sunday? Well, because of the birthday of our dear announcer Jux, he received a flannel courtesy of the musician Gribbles. After this fantastic gift we started with the song Patterns Disrupt Chaos by the same author Gribbles, which enveloped all listeners in an atmosphere of another world almost an astral travel, starting the program with an air of mystery like space.

Then followed the song tryna make sense the turtle project, enveloped the whole radio with a friendly and cheerful atmosphere as usual turtle, bring joy with their pleasant and harmonious melodies. But... I think we were all left with the question: Who is Tryna? Tell us turtle, the audience wants to know.

Then followed the song blue roses by black eye butterfly, which had a nice vibe and the guitar had a fabulous rhythm, as if to repeat it once or twice, three or four times. I'm sure several of them were dancing secretly, behind their computers, lucky that their cameras couldn't give them away.

Later we listened to the beautiful ones by Jux, who told us that he recorded this song five or six years ago, it was one of his first albums and that he recorded it with a friend who accompanied him on bass. If my English does not fail me, it seems that his friend gave him the recording of the bass, 24 hours later, he made all the arrangements and gave birth to this fantastic melody. Which we enjoyed and it had a mesmerizing effect. Thank you very much Jux for sharing this song with us.

Then LANG/V was presented with shelter, an interesting proposal gave the atmosphere of the radio, an atmosphere of tranquility and reflection, an ideal song to listen to on a rainy day or having tea, to make introspection of all that we have lived during these years of pandemic, great job.

Later Nightride by Shani Ace was also presented, with a very interesting rap song and a city vibe that catches you, that tells you a story, a reality. Are you willing to listen to this story that happens only during the nights in the cities?

Next we were joined by CC music factory - everybody dance now, to shake the whole audience of Radio Envolved and bring the party for a while, to close this incredible show we were joined by gameboy girl from beatraxx, who brought a cyberpunk style rhythm and brought to the memory of many of these arcade games.

If you want to see the whole show I will leave you the link to the radio last Sunday, I will also leave you the link to the discord if you want to know more about the musicians and interact with them, who knows if next time you will see them in some awards. I send you a hug and have a happy week.

Discord Atom Collector Records:

(Spanish) Radio Evolved Sunday funday! 09-05-2021

Hola, nuevamente quería compartirles mi experiencia con la divertida radio “Radio Envolved”, que se presenta todos los domingos. Donde escucharas canciones de increíbles músicos, participarás en concursos, podrás compartir en el chat de discord de Atom Collector Records y sabremos todas las novedades del juego Rising Star.

Espero que este comienzo de mes haya sido bueno para todos ¿Qué sucedió el pasado domingo? Pues a raíz del cumpleaños de nuestro querido locutor Jux, recibió una franela cortesía del músico Gribbles. Después de este fantástico regalo comenzamos, con la canción Patterns Disrupt Chaos de este mismo autor Gribbles, la cual envolvió a todos los oyentes en una atmósfera de otro mundo casi un viajes astral, iniciando el programa con un aire de misterio como el espacio.

Después le siguió la canción tryna make sense the turtle project, envolvió toda la radio con un ambiente amistoso y alegre como es usual de turtle, traer alegría con sus melodías agradables y armoniosas. Pero… creo todos quedamos con la duda ¿Quién es Tryna? Cuéntanos turtle el público quiere saber.

Posteriormente le siguió la canción blue roses de black eye butterfly, el cual tenía una agradable vibra y la guitarra tenía un ritmo fabuloso, como para repetirla una o dos veces, tres o cuatro veces. Estoy seguro que varios estaban bailando en secreto, detrás de su computadora suerte que sus cámaras no los pudo delatar.

Más tarde escuchamos the beautiful ones de Jux, el cual nos relató, que esta canción la grabó hace cinco o seis años, fue uno de sus primeros álbumes y que grabó junto a un amigo que lo acompaño con el bajo. Si mi inglés no me falla, parece ser que su amigo le dio la grabación del bajo, 24 horas después, hizo todos los arreglos y bueno dio origen a esta fantástica melodía. El cual disfrutamos y que tenía un efecto hipnotizante. Muchas gracias Jux por compartir esta canción con nosotros.

Luego se presentó LANG/V con shelter, una interesante propuesta dio a la atmósfera de la radio, un ambiente de tranquilidad y reflexión, una canción ideal para escucharla en un día de lluvia o tomando el té, para hacer introspección de todo lo que hemos vivido durante estos años de pandemia, gran trabajo.

Posteriormente también se presentó Nightride de Shani Ace, con una canción de rap bastante interesante y una vibra de ciudad que te atrapa, que te cuenta una historia, una realidad. ¿Estás dispuesto a escuchar esta historia que pasa solamente durante las noches en las ciudades?

Seguidamente nos acompañó CC music factory - everybody dance now, para sacudir a todo el público de Radio Envolved y traer la fiesta un rato, para cerrar este increíble show nos acompañó gameboy girl de beatraxx, quien trajo un ritmo al estilo cyberpunk y trajo a la memoria de muchos estos juegos arcades.

Si quieres ver el show completo te dejaré el link de la radio del pasado domingo, igualmente te dejaré el link del discord si quieres saber más sobre los músicos e interactuar con ellos, quien sabe si la próxima vez los vea en alguna premiación. Te mando un abrazo que tengas feliz semana.

Discord Atom Collector Records:


What a great idea, posting a recap of the live stream! Brilliant! I caught the tail-end of it and I always have a good time... such a great little community being built up around the #RisingStar game. I !LUV it. Thanks for sharing, SOL! :)

Thank you for another awesome write up of the show!!





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Fantastico trabajo el que haceis me quito el sombrero.

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Awww muchas gracias

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another top review, great stuff, tryna is another way of saying "trying to" in english , as in ,"trying to make sense"

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Wow!!! what a great post!!!! Fantastico!!!!! 😍





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Thanks for sharing, Great work!

Great job. It's really nice to have a recap, specially for the fans of RisingStarGame and Radio Evolved who never find the time to join the live show, unfortunately, I am one of them. At least, this way I can listen to these wonderful music at my convenience.

nice work doing this!