See my new progress in the fantastic game Rising Star

Greetings and good morning my dear friends of Rising Star, I wish you all are having an excellent day full of success. Today I am back to show you my latest progress in the game.

If you were able to read my previous post, you may remember that I was inactive for a while, and that I hadn't made much progress since I started. But fortunately this week I'm trying hard to make up for lost time.


I have been able to improve several of my previous scores and I am working to improve them even more. I like that the game keeps you in the action all the time, one day you need more fans and the next you need pizzas.

It's definitely a lot of fun to build your musical career in buskeria, you start from the bottom and work your way to the top, but hey, watch out for your ego. haha. Well friends, without further introduction I show you my latest developments.

New cards.

Since the previous post new members have arrived to the band, 3 in total. With these I have boosted my current level of fans, which was very low. Now with these I have the possibility to access new missions, which give me much more starbit, which I can then use to further improve my characteristics in the game.

Captura de pantalla (441).jpg

In the first screenshot you can see above you can see 2 of the new members, which were not in my previous post. They are William and tammy. In total I have one card of each one, but surely in a couple of days I will have several of each one.

In the case of William is a common card like the others, he has no special characteristics such as luck or skill. Only 10 fans. It may seem low, but actually that's what I was looking for. My main goal is still to increase my fans as much as I can.

In the case of tammy, just like the previous one, it is a common card, without many features. But she has 10 fans, so it was a great way to add her to the previous team of cards.

On the other hand Toby, Tone and Melvin you probably remember them from my previous publication. If you couldn't see them, don't worry, I'll tell you about them right away. All 3 are common and have no special features. They only have 10 fans each.

If you are starting like me, I recommend them, you can easily increase your fans at a very low price. So don't miss the opportunity.

Captura de pantalla (442).jpg

As I told you, this time the team had increased by 3 new cards. I had only told you about 2, and you may be wondering, where is the third one? Well, you can see her in the screenshot I just left you above.

And she is none other than Autumn the pianist. This was my last acquisition, I was able to buy it at a very low price, so I didn't think twice when I saw it. It's a common card, like the others, but it adds 10 more fans that come in handy to keep increasing my fame in buskeria. Haha.😅

Captura de pantalla (443).jpg

You could already see this old acquaintance in my previous post, I include it because it is the only one I have that belongs to the transport section. And it can't be missing in my cards section. I am planning to buy a new one of this type in the future.


On the side of the boosts there have been no changes since my previous post, I still have the same card of the coffee. Its utility is to be able to get a small energy boost to be able to do some missions.

But the truth is that it's not enough for me. I need to buy new pizza cards mainly. Those increase the energy to 100% with a single use of the card. That comes in handy so you don't have to wait for the energy to refill on its own, which is usually a pretty slow process.

My other goal would be to buy the pizza box, I get one all the time and I can't save it for a more opportune moment when I really need it. So I've got it in the bag.

Captura de pantalla (418).jpg

General progress.

Captura de pantalla (444).jpg

Now it is time to show you the progress compared to last week. In this section there have been several changes. Let's see them.

The first one is that I'm already at level 9, hooray. Haha. With that I can already do 4 of the available missions. Increasing significantly my starbits obtaining. On the other hand I already have 80 fans of my own, before I only had 50.

In the picture you can see 128, but in reality they are drunk, so later they leave. In addition I now have 9 cards compared to the previous 6. As for the other features they remain the same.

For the next post I hope to show you better numbers, specifically my fans and level. I also have to get ready for the music lessons, with some skill, because the ego is coming.

Well friends, I thank you for reading my post, and for following my progress. I'll be back soon with more. Greetings to all.