Let's talk music and play ( day 20 Contest )

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"Heart of Glass" topped the UK charts. Although the song was released in late January 1979, it didn't hit the charts until February, where it stayed at number one for almost a month, but you can imagine how happy Debbie Harry must have been. I'm alive and singing "oo-oo-ah-ah" "Heart of Glass" was about the fragility of love ("Love is too confusing to keep us at peace") and was lyrically inspired by some of the love songs silliest of the '60s ("Denise" from Blondy, above).

The album discounts demanded by then-club singer Debbie Harry and her then-boyfriend Chris Stein infuriated rock fans, keyboardist Jimmy Destry recalled in Rolling Stone. "We used to play 'Heart of Glass' to piss people off." Surprisingly, this song was not even the first single from their most famous album, Parallel Lines, released in 1978. Heart of Glass was preceded by Here's a Picture and Hanging Up the Phone, while Heart of Glass was followed by the equally popular Sunday Girl and the emotional One Way or Another. Yes, it was a very nice trip. This is correct.

Of course, Blondie has made headlines live before, and Deborah has publicly expressed her admiration for the likes of Giorgio Moroder, saying: “It was commercial, but it was good. That says something." This is the kind of music I want to make. Originally titled "When I Love", it was a demo that the band originally recorded but attempted to convert to reggae after failing to find a suitable format (their version of "Tide Is High" was released in late 1980), which was eventually released...chosen. This album had a European feel.

On their recordings with Mike Chapman, they replaced real drums and organic instruments with a Roland drum machine the guys bought on 47th Street in New York, which definitely added a touch of modernity to their sound.




And now let's play

2- You have to answer what is asked and the answer is from a series of films, you have to answer which of them it belongs to
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