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Hello RSG Family, Welcome to my GIVEAWAY. After a long time I haven't held a GIVEAWAY (the last time was early 2022), this time I'm holding it again although in a slightly different way from the previous GIVEAWAY.

The cards for GIVEAWAY are from 12 Packs I bought using 100k STARBITS. If in the last GIVEAWAY I distributed many cards and other gifts (even if only once), then in this GIVEAWAY I only distributed 1 card in each GIVEAWAY.


Finally, STARBITS Millionaire

After a long time collecting bit by bit the STARBITS I got from missions from level 50 to 88, plus the results from this GIVEAWAY post. Finally I can get this card....


Therefore, the schedule for the GIVEAWAY will be increased to 6 times a week, starting from Monday to Saturday and the deadline for each GIVEAWAY is 1 day (except for Saturday).


Card For Today

Winner for Previous Giveaways


Congrats, @pregosauce. 96 Sarah will be sent asap



You just need to write your IGN in the comments. Just that. Other things like Upvotes, Reblogs, and Tips are optional. You are free to do it or not.

Winners will be selected using http://filoz.info/picker/

Here, I don't use "Notification List". So if you want to know when I will post a new GIVEAWAY, you can just Follow (My post will appear in Following Feed)/ Add to Favorites (My post will appear in Favorites Feed)/ Add to List (My post will appear in My Lists)
That's the GIVEAWAY post that I held in order to wait for my STARBITS to collect up to 1 million. I hope you will be one of the winners in my GIVEAWAY.

Thank you for visiting and participating in this GIVEAWAY. See you in another post......

special thanks
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I want to participate @yeckingo1

count me in
!Gif dancing-8bits

Thanks so much!!! I appreciate your giveaway!
and please count me in :)

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Hello, mate! Thanks for the giveaway and, please, count me in for it!!
User: @luizeba

count me in



Big congrats to the PREGO!! !PIZZA @jdike joins here for the next time ;)

Thanks for the giveaways. Please count me in.

Good luck, all.


Count me in.
IGN: @vaynard86
!Gif thank you

I @sieghard1990 would like to join

Count me in 😊 @blitzzzz

count me in @jfang003

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count me in