Booster Cards and Where to Find Them

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What's up, Starmates!


I will discuss about Booster Cards, their purpose, and where to find them.

Cold Pizza Slice, Pizza Box, Risky Whiskey, and Coffee Cup are Booster Cards.

  • Cold Pizza Slice - Gives energy boost and recharges for 24 hours
  • Pizza Box - Stores yummy discarded pizza for later use
  • Risky Whiskey - Get more drunk fans
  • Coffee Cup - Stores sugar browning coffee

I do not have any Whiskey Bottles, because it is not my priority right now. On the market, it cost 6 swap.hive or 7,500 Starbits. My next purchase will be Coffee Cup, so I can increase my energy recovery rate and do more missions. Coffee Cup costs 5,000 Starbits or 5 Swap.Hive on the market, as of this writing.


Pizza Box

I have found out that I can use the discarded pizza in Pizza Box to refill my energy. I just let it store in the Pizza Box. I should have use it to accomplish more missions and store the pizza that I have found. I have discarded the pizza and missed so many missions. Hahaha 😂😂


Cold Pizza Slice

I recently purchase a Cold Pizza Slice in the market, worth 10,000 Starbits. Cold Pizza Slice will help me do more missions, as I am now close to reaching 400 Missions. It is beneficial to own one Cold Pizza Slice and I want to add more if I earn 10,000 Starbits.

Progress Report



Keep grinding and use the Pizza and other Booster Cards to achieve 1 Million Starbits! Till next time!


I've thought a lot about whether or not I should buy these boosts. I already have the pizza box

You should buy because it will give you energy boost to do more missions.

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