best weed I had in 2020 was crystal candy this year I go for the silver mac Even though I haven't tasted her yet.
Why Because this seed went from the Netherlands to the USA and returned after cruising. thanks to @jonyoudyer
so really my own kind and the first in europe

Are you European?
Which site you use to order?

for seeds I use to use of there nice people
And than I found out brotherinfarms sell world wide and theye have also very good genetics so Thats wat I recomend

My favorite strain has to be northern lights or pink kush, NL first though.

Thank for sharing.

Yay! 🤗
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Wedding cake is my favorite at the moment, but only because the Og kush is nothing like it was in the mid 2000’s

Thanks 🙏
I’ll appreciate if you can share a website I can order from in Europe.
Thanks in advance!

@tipu curate

Thanks 🙏

Your welcome 🙏

I’ll go with Sativa maybe ;)
Namaste 🙏

Hmmm.... I must think , but here I not have lot varietal, I have to accept what the black market sells :)) BUt I'm happy that you get good plant to try there all time ;)

Yep it’s almost the same with me now.
In my country there is not much of an options...

Lets hope all soon wake up and see what this plant can do .

OG Kush all the way especially if it's from Cali

America 🇺🇸 good place to be ;)

Blue berry Mufin !!!. i will buy some seeds the next month